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Excerpt— Our shower trailer isn’t wheelchair accessible. We’re in the process of getting a solution but not there yet. Most would have given up but since Sarah needed a shower Andres and Kevin lifted Sarah up the steps and into the shower trailer. It was no easy task. Sarah isn’t small and once in they couldn’t move her into the shower stall. Sarah’s shoulder started hurting and that was the only way to lift her. Add to this her only leg, her left leg is immobile. Things looked bleak. Sarah was heartbroken and in tears. She hadn’t showered in a while and was really hoping for one. Without the slightest hesitation Denise stepped up. For a good 25 minutes Denise gave Sarah a bath with wet towels and washed her hair with the help of Kristen. The person who came out of our shower was a different Sarah. She was clean, she was dressed in new clothes and she was happy. Smiling from year to year she went with Hollie to get food. Look at this picture. These 5 are no celebrities nor are they smart talking politicians. Just regular Angelenos who felt Sarah’s pain and understood they needed to help. Sometimes, specially these days it’s easy to lose hope. When the world looks dark, when all seems lost, look no further than yourself. You are all the Hope this world needs. Forget changing the world. Step out into your community, look to see who needs help, help them and become engaged. This world is ours and we are the hope it needs! Mel Tillekeratne       https://www.facebook.com/meltill

Thank you, Mel! #SheDoes #Hope

Mel Tillekeratne https://www.facebook.com/meltill About Mel___ Mel Tillekeratne is the badass leader and creator of the #shedoes movement. So professional, well thought out and considerate. He is creative and powerful. Thank you, Mel!

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