THIS is NOT Fake News and we have the video and photos to prove it. There IS some colorful commentary by the Publisher in this report so if you are of  the feint of heart, or have a proverbial STICK up your backside, you may what to move on.   Think Weasel Jack would Order the Air Guard to try and shoot supply helecopters DOWN??? Is HE THAT CRAZY and Corrupt??  Would the Air Guard actually DO THAT?  What The HELL Obama, Get off your ASS and get into it before people do DIE out there! Or don’t you really give a DAMN when it comes down to it??? You got YOURS so SCREW us right?  I’m not talking from weather.  The Natives understand how to handle that, ya know?  I’m talking from the WAR being waged on them by #WeaselJack  AND It gets Crazier EVERY DAMN DAY!!!0_1_1-1b

See the story from Reuters HERE

Josh Fox writing for Rolling Stone captures the Bravery and Resolve of the Water Protectors Here

I know YOU are a BUSY Obama kinda guy but give in to the 45 seconds of this video I cut to PROVE to ANYONE this is EVIL going on, THIS is NOT a mistake. THIS is intentional madness.

And HEY President Obama or you Michelle IF you show up here on this page by some grace of some God some JUST Watch this video as a father, or you Michelle as a mother, then if you do not stand up for Standing Rock immediately, I will know you are a heartless evil spirits and that I REALLY was a JERK in voting for you TWICE!   SHAME ON YOU AS OUR LEADER!  SO LEAD ALREADY will ya? 

Come out to Bismark and arrest Weasel Jack and Stop the Morton County Madmen from shooting, gassing and freezing the Standing Rock Water Protectors who are peacefully assembled in redress.

Could you DO THAT Barry? Could Ya? Truth is true no matter HOW MUCH lipstick you put on the Black Snake PIG, Obama it still reeks. And mark my words dude, THIS is going to be YOUR Legacy.  The Massacres of Injustice at Standing Rock are WHAT the WORLD will remember you for.  And they will stop and ask themselves, just like I have, WHAT THE HELL did Obama REALLY get that Nobel Peace Prize for any way?  Was that a bullshit rigged fix was in PR deal like the democratic primaries were too?


And when Obama Droned the hell out of the world, bombed more countries than Bush, played a big role in Gassing those 1,500 Syrians in 2013  (YOU KNOW YOU DID IT, and so does MI-6 who gave you the heads up so you could PLAY the GOP congress like a violin for cover, right?)  and let the RIGHTEOUS Native Americans and their Allies get shot up and gassed by the corrupt North Dakota Governments over an OIL pipe that isn’t even officially legal in crossing the Missouri yet?  You KNOW I’m correct DAPL is BREAKING the law drilling under the Missouri right now as I write this, Don’t you Barack?  You Know but IT REALLY LOOKS LIKE you don’t give a shit.  Have they PAID YOU OFF THAT BIG? Really?

Have you forgotten about this Barack? Weasel Jack has. I doubt that Heartless Sheriff Kyle in Morton County every learned it in school anyway.


Editorial Comment— He HAS to be a Block-Head to keep this brutality under the color of law up as long as he has.  Hey Kyle ever heard of the Nuremberg Trials? They got THEIRS, you’ll get YOURS.  It’s gonna happen Block Head. You are not as smart as you think, and there is too much PROOF of YOU ORDERING THE CRIMES on video and in pictures.  Even if you have to be extradited to the Hague for it, it’s gonna happen.  You really think you are slick enough to evade a Seal team 6 type of outfit who will come for you eventually?  The UN is going to want to talk to you too, asshole.  SERIOUSLY!!!! Personally I hope you try and shoot it out with them after all your pansy, bully, thugs have run for it (as always happens) and left you to rot when the shit gets thin.

What kind of American would allow this to go on, endlessly, lying to the nation and hurting innocent people ON LIVE STREAM VIDEO WITH 65 THOUSAND FOLKS WATCHING IT.  AS IT HAPPENED! And at the same time Lying Kyle was saying No water cannons were used, it was fire trucks putting out wild fires that protesters set intentionally This was lighting up the Twitter-verse. Yes Barack THEY are really THAT Stupid. AND YOU and YOUR LEGACY are gonna go down with them. YOU are going to be remembered right there with them as standing up for some of the most STUPID LIES in HISTORY while the video was showing the truth live and in color>>>>>>>



Guilty as shit right Kyle?  God Damn it anyway Barack! WHY Do you keep STANDING with these LYING IDIOTS?  WHY Do you Barack?  Like the LYING Idiots in the North Dakota Highway Patrol?  Going on the record, putting out this statement:

The North Dakota Highway Patrol said law enforcement officers were not responsible for (Spohia) Wilansky’s injury.

“We are aware of the information about the woman on social media who has claimed she sustained injuries to her arm due to law enforcement tactics. The injuries sustained are inconsistent with any resources utilized by law enforcement and are not a direct result of any tools or weapons used by law enforcement,” according to North Dakota Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tom Iverson. “This incident remains under investigation by the North Dakota BCI and ATF. Additional details will be released as the investigation progresses.”

So ANYBODY, Weasel Jack, Stupid Lying Kyle, or you Idiot Tom of the North Dakota Hwy Patrol, CLICK this link to watch the Morton County task force UNLOAD on the unarmed peaceful residents attempting to clear the bridge of the blocking trucks the government would not clear our to permit access for goods and emergency services to the north camp.  Read that bull shit from the Hwy Patrol again and then Click this damn link and see who is telling the truth Obama.   THIS LINK

AND When there is more video like this it make it easy to see TRUTH from LIES…

#RememberNurembergKyle Oh I really like that Hashtag. Or Kyle will you turn Federal squealer and try pin it all on WeaselJack. He told you to do it all, Right? Direct Orders or you’d lose your job, that’s the story.   Yea THAT’s the Ticket Right Kyle? 

Well for now, I think that will do it for this segment of Justice News Network calls out the Bullshit and Brings in the truth, on video and from Tweets as it happened.   It is amazing that the Water Protectors can stay focused and keep prayerful as they are.  But hey they have had 500 odd years of practice getting screwed over by the white man, massacres,  Small Pox infected blankets, their forked tongues, broken treaties, and are used to that shit by now, right?    Yata Hey Relatives.  Blessings from the sky for us all who can remain focused and peaceful. I find it really difficult but I AM learning for you all.  Thank You for your spirit and commitment.


11-30-16 Report and editorial comment by:




  1. it seems that MANY people don’t know OR have forgotten that the US government [so-called] has been attacking a SOVEREIGN NATION ! how many folks know that their tax dollars are paying for THIS war ? a war raged after generations of broken promises. will someone please remind me .. what country are we living in ?

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