So you can’t say FUCK in the #RealNews business? Well I am and just did! Imagine That!


Welcome Welcome Everyone! Listen Up People because JNN is going to go all Lee Camp on your asses!  The TRUTH is getting harder and harder to find because the Fascist assholes that  plotted and executed the take over of the halls of power here in the USA won, so far.  Starting with Ronnie-Fucking-St-Reagan as their Liar-In-Chief,  they lined up their corporate backing and spread their dirty money around to corrupt and steal our taxes, our elections and ALL the governments in our Cities, Counties, States and Federal Jurisdictions. THAT is FACT!

Think THAT is full of shit?  OK read this and I’ll give you one chance to continue with this message of Truth and Political Reality before I tell you to get the fuck off my website. I KNOW THAT THIS IS THE TRUTH because it came from a stand up guy I knew personally, people.  Jimmy told me the same thing about St Ronnie in 1977.  He’d been out of the California Governor’s office a couple of years by then.  I know it was 1977 because THAT was the year I went to the ONE Super Bowl I ever attended, in Pasadena. I got in because I dated a gal who worked in the office of the Raiders Team Doctor and THAT was where I met Jimmy.  We shared the same Doc.

YOU gotta play the following video a few times and listen real close to the 37 seconds of this guy laying out the plan!  And they have gotten it pretty well DOWN while MY Generation was too busy with self gratification and asleep at the political wheel, didn’t they?  That is IT in a nutshell people! And THIS is one of the Main FUCKS we did not pay close enough attention to while he started ALEC and proceeded to slip the Big Red White and Blue DICK up our backsides when we bent over to pick up the soap! THIS is EXACTLY what we have today Big Time!

I WANT GOO-GOO don’t you?  If you don’t, if YOU want the continued electoral cheating and stealing of OUR elections, just stop reading right here and get the FUCK off my website because I will NOT do business with treason, and THAT is exactly what stolen elections are, TREASON!

In FACT, truth is that people like Lee Camp and Chris Hedges who ARE truth tellers and #RealNews presenters can ONLY find work on Russian State Sponsored Television because the American Media is so FUCKING CORRUPT they can not hire anyone who will not kiss the ass of the Oligarch Rulers and Lie straight faced into the cameras day after day and night after night.  That is the Real Truth! And if you do not UNDERSTAND THAT or are not prepared to accept that as THE TRUTH GTFO Now! Think about it for a while. Today, Here in America, the ONLY place someone who will ONLY report TRUTH is working on Russian TV. THAT is just fucked up people, but it IS the TRUTH!

OK, so Let’s get down to business.  I am talking to you, the one who KNOWS this shit has hit the fan and is going to hit some more BIG TIME near term.  Here is another FACT.  2017 is going to FLY AWAY from ALL OF US who KNOW the treason is out there and the elections of 2018 will be here before you know it.  All of us WHO KNOW the fix is in all across our economy, WE are the ones getting STABBED every day, week, month and year! You Know it don’t you?  If you don’t you better wake the fuck up because YOU are going to go down the drain with the rest of the SLEEPERS when the next wave of shit hits the fan BIG-TIME.

And Lemme Ask YOU this, What about your kids and grand kids?  How FUCKED UP are their lives going to be if YOU don’t get it together and FIGHT for Tax Justice, Single payer Medical Justice, Renewable Energy progress, and a Better than JUST a Living Wage for ALL Americans?   How the hell are we going to END the gutting of American Manufacturing and over seas tax havens if our FUCKING ELECTIONS are not Legit?  And how FUCKED will the kids lives BE when WE are gone? Hunger Games Kind of shit?  Will THAT be YOUR legacy to your Kids?   I can not even Imagine how far it will really go if YOU do not stand up and FIGHT for Legit Elections RIGHT NOW!  I told Bernie Sanders the same thing tonight in a direct Tweet to his passionate plea for compassionate change. Funny but Bernie never mentions election fraud anywhere at any time, does he?  Nope he just rattles on about the “ISSUES” and never talks about stolen elections. Isn’t that ODD?

OK I do not give a DAMN if you have spent you life voting as Democrat or a Republican because THAT shit is ALL history NOW. It IS history because they are are both CORRUPT to the core. It is TRUE.  Watch THIS video from 2005 and it sounds like Harry Belafonte could have been talking YESTERDAY, doesn’t it. THAT is almost TWELVE FUCKING YEARS AGO and the same people in the Democratic party on THAT STAGE FUCKED you and me over in the last eight years just like  the people in the Bush Cabal fucked us ALL over in the 8 years before that.  Didn’t They? Yes they DID!

Watch the Damn Video. Watch it as many times as it takes to get that the democratic party is POISONED and can not be “SAVED” in time before we are ALL FUCKED OVER to the point where the shooting will start.  THIS is HOW BAD IT IS AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT DO YOU? Watch the video from 2005!!!

So here is the plan.  Stand Up and STOP LETTING THESE FASCIST ASSHOLES FUCK US OVER.  We MUST join together to VOTE TOGETHER in such OVERWHELMING NUMBERS and throw OUT their corrupt minions (which means about 93 percent of the incumbents) in every god damn office in our governments from City dog catcher to President of these United States. WE have to cast SO MANY FUCKING VOTES that they can not cheat that big and either they pack their bags or the shooting starts! THAT is IT People.

If it doesn’t happen NOW they WILL continue to FUCK US ALL OVER, all over again.   And your Kids?  Forget-About-It!!!  SLAVES, First of all DEBT-SLAVES.  Ask any kid with a fresh-outta-college-degree that they can not put to good use and has them $50K to $100K in Debt.  And there is a LOT of this shit out there, and NOT just YOUR kid, IS IT?  YES there IS!

I have an outreach effort currently looking for reasonable liberals, independents and conservatives who UNDERSTAND that self governance and our constitutional freedoms are under attack and ALMOST gone forever.  How many of you are  ALL, pissed off but not sure what to do? THIS is what WE must do, Stand Together!

ALL reasonable people MUST join together to work within the system, WHICH MEANS A NEW UN-CORRUPTED COALITION, to achieve representative government BY FOR AND OF the People, before we have to shoot our way into, and over take the halls of power and overthrow the Oligarch FUCKS that have taken power while MY generation was asleep at the wheel. Remember how it went down in the Ukraine in 2014? It could happen here in a similar way people. If you disagree with that premise you are either A Ignorant of the FACTS and History or B some kind of brainwashed Hillbot or GOP shill we will have to deal with come judgement day. THIS is ALSO TRUTH!

Remember there are are at least 150 to 250 MILLION pissed off, squeezed to the bone Americans, that are at or just about at the point where they can no longer kite the credit cards (remember that Debt Slavery thing?) to keep the roofs over our heads kids fed and lights on. What the FUCK are the assholes at the top thinking anyway? Ryan turns off his phone and locks the door to his office to escape the Pissed off people? All the KEY Democrats in the Senate stick their tongues up Trumps ass and say Yes Boss to the BILLIONAIRE fascist fucks the new President is appointing for the cabinet? THAT is NOT representative government.  THAT is Fascist Oligarchy just like Germany had in the 30s.

You know what they are thinking?  They THINK We’ve got the Cops and the Army to keep the rabble in line.  Oh Really?  So Cops and Soldiers YOU gonna shoot your Grandma when SHE takes to the streets because they CUT her Social Security and Medicare to the point they can not keep the roof over their heads or see a doctor when they are sick?  Are ya?  Really?

Oh and you ONE FUCKING PALTRY MILLION cops gonna take on 20 or 30 MILLION COMBAT VETERANS who KNOW how to KILL your ass dead? AND YOU gonna fight the rest of the people who will join them because OMG it is ON!!! AND Soldiers YOU 1.5 MILLION gonna be stupid assholes and rumble with 20 to 30 million VETERANS WHO WORE THE SAME UNIFORM YOU WEAR NOW AND SWORE, LIKE YOU DID, TO PROTECT AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES Foreign and domestic, BECAUSE some joker working for the Oligarchs who were NEVER ELECTED ANYTHING SAYS SO???   REALLY? You gonna get down with 100 MILLION or more citizens including M-13,  Bloods, Crips and EVERY OTHER gang member in the USA? All those who your bosses squeezed to where they feel got nothing to loose? REALLY?? Because when THAT goes down it is YOU against ALL OF US.  Just stop and think about it.  You REALLY gonna shoot Grandma?

YOU gonna TRY to mow down all of US combat Veterans?  Or are you going to turn those guns around and force those Oligarch appointed minions into the cells?  And Blow the heads off the Mother Fuckers that corrupted our America. You going to force Grandma, your brothers or sisters, Mom and Dad into the FEMA CAMPS?  YOU gonna allow your kids to be the debt slaves?  REALLY???  So WAKE the hell up people, whoever you are, whatever you do, because THIS is our political reality, VOTE or wind up SHOOTING. THAT is how I see it coming down. Either way I am IN folks.  Are you?

Larry Alger Publisher

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