Attention my Fellow Americans. We have had enough! Enough of the LIES, false promises, and rigged elections from BOTH Parties! AND the theft of our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These have been whittled away by the FEW, as the playing field has been tilted BACK in their favor by their Treasonous bought and paid for minions, and it can not stand!  That’s right, the theft and the TREASON can not stand! 

THIS has become the NORM in America and it  must be STOPPED by any means necessary!

Cops just ask yourselves….. 

And Hey Cops, What About YOUR Social Security, Pensions, Healthcare and YOUR Kid’s education?  All that is being Stolen by the REAL Criminals on Wall Street and in Congress!  And many of you guys Beat, Mace, Taze, Shoot us that stand up for our rights dead in the street, and Jail those that survive the encounters! Listen Up assholes, THE FEW are stealing from YOU as well as everybody you are supposed to WORK FOR, The People, now aren’t they? It is gonna cost YOUR KIDS about a Hundred-Gs EACH or so to go to college, Isn’t It? What the Hell is UP with THAT? 

It Ain’t Right for Anyone is it?  Except THE FEW!

Just as our British Cousins have done, Americans MUST take our COLLECTIVE destiny INTO OUR OWN HANDS AND MAKE SURE THEY CAN NOT CHEAT BIG ENOUGH to steal another election in our country.   And TRUST ME they will keep trying people, yes they will. Never forget the TREASON of 2016! Or the Treason of 2004, or 2000, or the TREASON of 1980 or the TREASON of 1968.  Nixon Reagan Bush and yes even Clinton and Obama, ALL committed TREASON in stealing the elections from US people. They Stole them from US while they drowned our rights in that Grover Norquest style bath tub while we were busy watching Info-Tainment!   Just ask the #NoDAPL protesters about the First Amendment Rights of assembly and redress these days! Watch the videos!

This is NOT Policing THIS is WAR on the American People



Click Here for the 2016 story and report on The Treason

Let’s face it people, this last election cycle resulted in a ultra long-shot president that never should have been elected because the guy who stood WITH and FOR the people, the guy who was the shoe-in, was CHEATED out of the nomination by a criminal organization of traitors, the DNC.  And THEY have even admitted it in open court!  #DNCLawSuit

And the SICK, silly, stupid, foolish, ignorant and treasonous DNC forgot how slick Republicans ARE at stealing the General Elections and WE wound up with Trump.  Remember This?

At least the criminal conspiracy of TREASON is falling apart now! Take 19 minutes and listen to George Webb, the guy who has been tearing down the WALL of Crime and Corruption in the Capital and across the nation on both sides of the aisle! LISTEN!

You Are Welcome now get up off your asses and Stand Up Against the TREASON! 

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