This is an ongoing report that will be updated as events unfold.  Please STAND UP AGAINST the Privatization of the VA Healthcare system.  It is much better than most people think, and GoJnn knows why. We ARE vets and some of us have been in the VA System for over two decades. Revised 8-4-19 LBA


Direct from the White-house>>  Excerpt> By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to assist executive departments and agencies (agencies) in developing efficient, effective, and cost-reducing collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), as described in chapter 71 of title 5, United States Code, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Which means Right to Work is coming to the Federal Government and at the VA via the latest collective bargaining agreements being negotiated NOW (Summer – Winter 2019)

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These edicts establishes an interagency labor working group, with no employee group involvement, to develop common collective bargaining agreement language and negotiating strategies.

2 Clarification/Background>> Collective bargaining was codified by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, which included the federal labor relations statute commonly referred to by its location in the United States Code — Chapter 71. Under “Findings and Purpose,” Chapter 71 provided that:
(1) experience in both private and public employment indicates that the statutory protection of the right of employees to organize, bargain collectively, and participate through labor organizations of their own choosing in decisions which affect them —
(A) safeguards the public interest,
(B) contributes to the effective conduct of public business, and
(C) facilitates and encourages the amicable settlements of disputes between employees and their employers involving conditions of employment; and
(2) the public interest demands the highest standards of employee performance and the continued development and implementation of modern and progressive work practices to facilitate and improve employee performance and the efficient accomplishment of the operations of the government. Therefore, labor organizations and collective bargaining in the civil service are in the public interest.

You’re Fired”: Executive Order 13839 and Civil Service Protections Excerpt>>> The orders have not been well-received.  Letters urging the President to rescind the orders have been sent by various groups of legislators — 21 Republican Representatives, 23 Democratic Representatives, and 45 Democratic Senators.  The American Federation of Government Employees has challenged all three executive orders, American Federation of Government Employees v. Trump, Dkt 18 Civ. 1261 (D.D.C.)[view the complaint here];  American Federation of Government Employees v. Trump, Dkt 18 Civ. 1475 (D.D.C.)[view the complaint here], and the National Treasury Employees’’ Union challenged Executive Order 13836 and 13839, National Treasury Employees’ Union v. Trump, Dkt 18 Civ. 1261 (D.D.C.) [view the complaint here].  The cases have been consolidated and set for a hearing on July 25, 2018.  Though Ballotpedia’s Administrative State Project reports that a flash poll conducted by the Government Business Council on June 5-6 indicates that “51 percent of federal workers support or strongly support making it easier to remove poorly performing or malfeasant employees.”

The Shadow Rulers of the VA

How Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter and two other Mar-a-Lago cronies are secretly shaping the Trump administration’s veterans policies

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Killing the VA under the cover of CHOICE? You guys ever stood in line 9 days to see your Doc? I haven’t. In fact the last time I need to see my Primary in California, I called in and they said come in and we will squeeze you in as a walk in. I arrived at 1:15 and by 1:25 I was having my vitals taken. What do YOU think? Trump’s Choice Sounds Like Privatization to me. DO NOT Privatize our VA all you Politicians or you will PAY A PRICE! What is NEXT for Vets? How do YOU see it? Click the link below>>>

Ten Billion for New VA Records System?  Really?

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a White House adviser, has advocated for putting the VA on the same system as the DOD, but some experts worry it won’t automatically give doctors all the information they need. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

EXCERPT>>   The VA pioneered this technology in the 1970s and 1980s, with a homegrown platform known as VistA. VistA was (and remains) popular with doctors because it was tailor-made to their needs. But over the years, the VA struggled to retain coders who could keep the software up to date. Meanwhile, the private health care industry coalesced around records systems built by a handful of software companies. In 2015, the DOD decided to adopt one of these commercial systems, made by Cerner. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, was in the December 2016 Mar-a-Lago meeting and is close with Perlmutter. To Kushner, it seemed obvious that the VA should go to a commercial vendor, and it should be the same one as the DOD, according to four people who discussed the matter with him. “Kushner basically said it seems like low-hanging fruit, seems easy, seems like a no-brainer,” a former senior administration official said. Kushner declined to be interviewed. As he recounted it to congressional interns last year (according to a recording obtained by Wired): “We said, ‘Guys, we want a solution to get us on one system, this is absolutely crazy.’ They came back in two weeks with something that made a lot of sense.”
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