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Stephen Fox Says: Along with preventing the TPP from advancing, which is looking grim right now, Bernie’s Bill to Save Oak Flat (S2242) is the most important of all. It would prevent John McCain’s plan to privatize Tonto National Forest to turn it into Rio Tinto’s largest copper mine in North America! Here is one excellent article that includes photos of the environmental destruction so common to Rio Tinto Mining, an international corporation that makes the worst American corporation, Monsanto, look like choir boys!…/Saving-Oak-Flats-Arizona-f-by-Stephen…

further: World’s largest mining firm records worst loss in its history…/bhp-billiton-reports-annual-loss-of-6…

This is the co-partner, along with Australia’s Rio Tinto Mining, in John McCain’s shocking and diabolical plan to privatize Tonto National Forest in Arizona and turn it into North America’s largest copper mine. Bernie Sanders’ Save Oak Flat act is the only thing that stands in the way, and it is stuck in a Republican controlled committee chaired by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Make no mistake: these corporate losses will cause BHP and Rio Tinto to press with renewed vigor to make this Arizona sell out plan happen, and regardless of who is “elected” President, this plan has a very good chance of getting sneakily pushed through. Please write to your two Senators to ask them to cosponsor Bernie’s Save Oak Flat Act (S2242) and to your Congressman to also cosponsor Rep. Grijalva’s House equivalent bill. There is a very good chance the West will be destroyed without your personal intervention to write these letters. Presently only New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich and Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin are the two cosponsors of Bernie Sanders’ Save Oak Flat Act. Both of Washington’s US Senators should be cosponsors, and this would happen if you will take the time to write to them!

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This is very important news, both for Native people and for the rest of Americans. Similar to the situation involving Tonto National Forest being turned into or not being turned into North America’s largest copper mine, depending on what happens with Bernie Sanders’ S2242, the Save Oak Flat Act. This one will be decided by Judicial action, I am certain, but Bernie’s effort depends on his bill getting out of the Senate Committee chaired by Alaska’s Senator, Lisa Murkowski. Please take the time to write to her in support of this act, to help the Arizona San Carlos Apaches preserve their sacred land, Oak Flat.

This is a superb article on how and where the election was stolen:

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Stephen Fox
Founder, New Millennium Fine Art, a Santa Fe Gallery since 1980
Founder, Bernie Sanders: Advice and Strategies to Win
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Excerpt  The San Carlos Apaches went to Washington both terrified and angry, and Bernie Sanders was the only U.S. Senator willing to step forward to help them with his Save Oak Flat Act, S2242. This in itself is a very compelling fact which shows how deep the corporate manipulations of our government have gone, with shocking, even terrifying implications.

Sanders’ bill is now cosponsored by New Mexico’s Senator Martin Heinrich and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, and needs more co-sponsors. Please ask your Senators to co-sponsor this Act.

Their co-sponsorship is necessary because the bill is stuck in the Senate Committee chaired by Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. These Senators below are the Republican Majority on this Committee, and of course, your letters to them should remind them of the idiocy and dangerous precedents implicit in privatizing any national forest, even if their colleague, John McCain, is the progenitor of this diabolical and bizarre corporate-manipulated plan.

Make no mistake. These nefarious plans by Senator John McCain and Rio Tinto d/b/a Resolution Mining will most certainly proceed, unless Bernie’s Save Oak Flat is not passed out of the committee and approved by the Senate. Rio Tinto/Resolution has been widening the roads in the area to make way for the huge earth moving equipment they have scheduled to start ripping up Oak Flat and the Tonto National Forest].

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