WHY is DAPL SO DAMNED IN A HURRY? Here is why (Thanks to Robert Reich for the heads up) YEP IT IS ALL ABOUT THE 2014 CONTRACT PRICE OF THE OIL if they have it done and flowing in Jan 2017 and they will screw ANYONE that gets in the way of their deadline!  This makes a lot more sense after reading the Info below.


Excerpt The Dakota Access Pipeline was originally proposed when high global oil prices were spurring increased oil production in the Williston Basin, a geologic formation in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana that includes the Bakken, Three Forks and other smaller oil fields. The U.S. Energy Information Administration in July 2014 forecast WTI crude oil prices in 2015 continuing to average $95 per barrel. And in 2015, the EIA predicted that oil production from the “Northern Great Plains” region (primarily the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields) would increase to nearly 2 million barrels per day by 2020. The market crashed, however. Prices fell below $75 per barrel in December 2014 and have yet to recover. Prices from January 2015 through September 2016 have averaged $45 per barrel, less than half the average price of $96 per barrel in 2013-2014.

See a lot more details here:

Here is a new video with some of my Bern-Fam and friends asking the President to do what is RIGHT!

He hasn’t done it so far,

NOPE… So WHY IS IT President Obama has TALKED a good game about Climate Change and Sustainability but really pres, what the hell are you up to?  Adding 23 MILLION new drilling lease acres in the Gulf.  Approving two new HUGE Frack-Gas pipelines in Texas while we were all looking at North Dakota. And let’s not forget the THREE HUNDRED NEW PROPOSED Frack-Gas fired power plants on the drawing boards here in the USA alone.  THAT IS MADNESS!   We all EXPECT Trump-Elect to swing is weight to the oil companies but YOU Obama, on the way OUT and all?  So What is up? Golden parachute? I don’t know but what else makes sense people?  Just All that BLACK GOLD at 2014 contract price? 

We here at JNN have lost a lot of faith in Obama since the election cycle PROVED THIS:


What to do?  Here’s what I say Call Obama at the White House and TELL THEM what you think.  And let’s all see if we can get a straight answer to that question about the Golden Parachute, shall we? The public comment line (202-456-1111) is manned by volunteers recruited by the current administration. The White House switchboard (202-456-1414) is manned by professional White House operators.






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