Susan Sarandon upset: Nina Turner Denied a promised DNC speech


July 30, 2016

Nina Turner, one of Bernie Sanders’ most motivating surrogates, planned to deliver a speech nominating Sanders for president in Philadelphia at a July 27th evening rally. mentioned an interview about her arrival last Tuesday at the Wells Fargo Center where she was literally barred from going backstage. What it forgot to tell was HOW she was barred. Black suits, black ties and sunglasses barred? or boarded up the door barred. Instead, she was sent to speak with Sanders’ staff.

“They would not allow it,” Turner said.


The graceful and always kind Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii (say Aloha!) gave her speech as planned, but Turner was “replaced“. I suspect it was because Turner is VERY motivational but this is based on opinion only. Holding back that many cheers to make it seem like Sanders had no support, is quite a job with her famous “Doer of the Deeds” or, “Time is right and the time is now” chants. Lots of video on these shenanigans HERE from JJN Publisher Larry Algers on the Election Fraud lawsuit from Cliff Arnebeck. I know, innocent until proven guilty but, come on, this is still VERY much ongoing.

Tulsi did her best. She is what our first female president should act like. Not the Queen of scandal-free, consistent politics; the very honest* Mrs. Clinton.

The amount of WRONG in this whole election process killing awesome moments like this, so much proof in video of it, and yet…

They walk away.

David Copperfield? David Blaine?

Nooooo silly! The Magical Clinton Machine

*OOPS, I accidentally described Bernie there.