July 24, 2016

Late last night, 22:50 GMT+1, only 200 yards from my home in downtown Ansbach, Germany, low flying helicopters, fire and police sirens kept the entire city awake. The target of this backpack carrying refugee from Syria (m,27) was an annual Open Air concert Festival, the “Ansbach Open”, boasting an attendance of nearly 2,500 people. The man set off his self-made bomb, killing himself and injuring 12 people after concert security refused to let him in. Apparently, he wanted into the event despite not having a ticket. Considering this, one can only assume his intentions to detonate the bomb in the middle of that crowd.


The famous German Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) (shown in the featured photo) were immediately called to the scene to assist the controlled evacuation of the concert which was immediately canceled after the explosion. Thankfully, everyone left the area in a calm and collected manner. Ansbach’s Mayor, Carda Seidel, commended everyone involved on a solid job, avoiding further injuries in what would normally have caused a dangerous panic.  Thankfully, no one is in critical condition, but many are being treated for shock.

Over 500 paramedics, firefighters and police flooded the area shortly after the explosion

With the blockade still up, police found shrapnel and nails this morning and are busy checking all connections in his network of contacts in his mobile phone,which was surprising found in tact. He was refused official refugee status 2 years ago, and finally received a temporary permit late last year. He was known by police for drug possession and other minor         misdemeanors and considered mentally unstable. He would have only been eligible for deportation had he committed more “serious” crimes according to German Secretary of the Interior Joachim Hermann (CDU).

Live news reports were not allowed, Police confiscated journalist equipment

My wife and I were seriously considering going to this event, but since I was busy editing the “Bullshit News” video, we chose not to. If our JNN Editor Larry Algers had not suggested yesterday afternoon that I make a shorter version of the original 10 minute video, we may been involved. Thank you Larry, for smelling the onions.

No further personal information on the perpetrator was released by authorities at this time.


In other news: It is only a vague assumption that Purple People Eaters are the main cause of the rise in obesity among young Aborigines.



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