Take Back the Democratic party?? AYFKMOW??? Listen to Debbie She KNOWS the Dem Establishment will NEVER let go of power HONESTLY!


YES the 2016 Democratic Primary was STACKED with Fraud, vote suppression and vote theft.  IT JUST WAS. And THIS is a FACT as well….

Watch the featured video and get plugged into the US Election Reality people.  THIS is Job One #LegitElections  YES!!!  Job One!  AND Please listen to Debbie about the Leadership and organizers of the Brand New Congress and Justice Dems and ANY Organization that will not stand up and fight election fraud or claims that it does not happen because that means they are BOGUS either through ignorance or intent.  Facts Folks just Facts!

Here is a 7 minute cut of Debbie talking more Justice Dems Reality

Debbie Sane Progressive and Steven Real Progressive… Evidence shows Bernie Took A Dive!

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  1. […] And more recently, leading up to and Post Philly Debbie, the Sane Progressive has asked Bernie Time After Time, WHY BERNIE HAVE YOU NOT PROTECTED YOUR VOTE? Click the Link for our report on Debbie’s extensive insights into Sanders campaign and how HE let us ALL DOWN! https://www.justicenewsnetwork.com/take-back-the-democratic-party-ayfkmow-listen-to-debbie-she-knows-… […]

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