The Electoral College Just Does Not Work Like That: Donald Trump is Your President

It really is a serious pain to have to say something like this, but no matter what happens on December 19th, after the Electoral College sits to formally cast its votes for President, Donald Trump is still going to be the President-Elect of the United States. The Electoral College is not going to magically change its mind. The announcements have been made, lawyers are lined up to call out any one of the electors who try to get brave, and preparations are already under way to build a new government. No amount of prayer, hope, vandalism, or online petitioning is going to change the reality that this county, whatever the circumstances, has elected Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. The Electoral College just does not work like that. Welcome to four years of social benefit cutbacks, privatization, economic downturns, and ‘Grab ‘em by the pussy!’

Before moving on with this discussion, it is important to note that this eventuality could have been avoided. This point has been made already, but it is important to run the point home again. In the 2016 Primaries, the Democratic Party made, very possibly, the worst decision it has ever made in its entire existence. It took a candidate that was up on the opposition by ELEVEN PERCENT, Bernie Sanders, threw him away, and shoved a candidate that some polls had LOSING TO THE OPPOSITION, Hillary Clinton, down their people’s throats. Worse, they did so with the use of blatantly corrupt tactics. Further, when the Progressive Wing of their party made it abundantly clear that they were not going to support her, the Democrats ignored them and did their best to shove both Sanders and his supporters out the nearest air hatch. They also failed to understand that these people were being deadly serious. So, no matter how harsh it may sound to Hillary supporters, YOU DUG YOUR HOLE; IT’S ON YOU TO FIND YOUR WAY OUT IT.

On to the main point. Since the announcement that Donald Trump was the winner of this election, pro Clinton protesters have been hitting the streets to make their discontent at the outcome of the election known. Interestingly enough, some have been interviewed by the press and found to not have even voted, but that is another argument altogether. They have blocked highway traffic, they have held signs in prominent public venues, and they have vandalized public property. Normally, such tactics could be justified in some form or fashion, but when they are carried out in defense of a candidate who personally created the conditions that led to her defeat, they come across as addle and juvenile. Worse, they damage the viability of such tactics for future resistance movements, as people begin to attach negative emotions and images to the actions, and it makes them and their cause look ridiculous.


In addition to these more physical displays of their discontent, Clinton supporters have also been busy on the internet. Through various platforms, Facebook being one of the largest, they have been passing around ‘Open Letters’ and ‘Petitions’ for people to sign or just add their names to. Their purpose is to try and convince the Electoral College to change their minds just enough that Clinton will be named the next President, in effect, shutting down Trump. Unfortunately, there have been some Sanders supporters doing this, as well. What do these people think that these online petitions and open letters are going to accomplish? Are the Electors going to suddenly change their minds just because a couple million discontents, if they are even able to garner that many names, throw an internet based petition or open letter in their faces? HA! The thing that they are most likely to do is just laugh. The Electoral College just does not work like that.

While it is true that the electors in the various states are not bound by any laws to vote for the candidate that their state voted for, it’s not as if the electors can just alter their votes without suffering any consequences. In a Presidential election, now, each party is able to pick a slate of electors for each state. What this means is that even if Wisconsin was only won by the Republicans by a narrow margin, all of its electors are Republicans, who will be looking out for their position in the new Trump government. Changing their vote would damage their chances of gaining a prominent position in that government. The Clinton and Sanders supporters who send these open letters and petitions to these Republican electors are wasting their time and proving that they are not as politically savvy as they thought they were. Further, they are making themselves look foolish and damaging the viability of such actions in future conflicts.

So, in an election where the Democrats engineered their own defeat, they are making things worse by physically lashing out at the world with tactics that are inappropriate to the situation and pushing internet based tactics that prove they have very little understanding of how the American political system, namely the Electoral College, really works. Worse, there are Sanders supporters that have joined them in their futile efforts. This election is done. They are not going to magically change its outcome just because they signed a petition and broke a storefront window. They are wasting their energy and only digging their hole even deeper. Rather than lashing out in a way that runs the risk of making their failure systemic, they need to be regrouping and developing new more effective tactics to defeat the Right Wing backlash that has now taken over American politics. As painful as its sounds, they need to accept the outcome of this election.

Let it be clear; though, accepting the nature of one’s circumstances is not the same thing as conceding defeat. These people need to be taking this time to work on ways to make sure that Donald Trump is either removed from office before his first term is up or is never reelected to a second term, and they need to work with the very people whom they just rejected. If they don’t, the hole that they have dug will only get deeper and that much more difficult for them find their way out of. They would not be compromising their standards, giving in to the enemy, or surrendering political ground. They would be swallowing their pride, admitting to their mistakes, and coming back in the next election with a more complete understanding of their political position. To get themselves out of their hole, they are going to have to get creative, as the Republicans are going to take every advantage of their present political position to attempt to neutralize as much of their political opposition as they can. Whether they think so or not, the ball sits in the Democrats corner right now, but that is not going to last forever. So, they need to quit screwing around and get serious. Either that or American Progressives need to step up and replace them, if they can manage to cut out all of the infighting.



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