The modern history of war in the Middle East is about GOD Gold-Oil-Dollars. NOW is the time to listen to this history lesson. And LEARN from it!


Iraq Libya Iran and Syria are dominoes the US has been working to topple. Listen to the history. AND NOW these crazy people who have taken power here in the West are willing, NAY Eager to take on Russia! MADNESS!!! Everyone NEEDS to KNOW all of this.

We are on a collision course for a World War III  UNLESS YOU people wake up, get and embrace the FACTS and say NO to war with Russia Iran and maybe even China.  The US Leaders, Obama and Clinton et al, are just flat crazy!  Listen to this a few times and share it everywhere you can!  In Solidarity for PEACE and world PROSPERITY!

Larry Alger – Publisher, Justice News Network


Justice News Network goes the extra mile to be sure we are serving up TRUTH and not someone else’s propaganda. Watch the video, READ the report! This One is Important!! Listen to a Russian General tell the world that THEY are standing firm in the defense of Syria! DEFCON 3??? Click the link below to listen to the Russian and the THEN listen to American Army chief of staff.  Who sounds like the crazy one to you?   The answer may surprise you, or like me break your heart when you look at your kids or grand kids.  THIS MADNESS CAN NOT STAND!

Russian General warns US Military they are ready and able to defend Syria!


No War in Syria!  Vote Jill Stein