Take a look at these videos and judge for yourself if the Clinton Campaign JUST can not help itself, and MUST resort to cheating and using every angle they imagine advantages their candidate. Do YOU really want the whole process RIGGED for Clinton? Will YOU accept a President that has stolen the primary AND the general election as well? How can you?

In researching this report we found a number of videos that claimed to document an illegal EARPIECE used by Clinton. Yes we saw their evidence and it could be true, but as we all agreed much clearer close up shots would have been more conclusive for the JNN editorial staff. That is why we chose not to included THAT in this report.

Video 1 hand signals use between Clinton and Lester Holt moderator.

Video 2 Shorter clip of the Hand Signal overview.

Video 3 Recap of the debate and the BIAS shown for Clinton by Lester Holt, the Moderator, and the disadvantage he works hard to place Trump in. Pretty good analysis.

So VOTERS what do you say. Do you believe that this “Reality (if you can call it real) Show” was written and produced to advantage Clinton and kneecap Trump?

Are you going to vote for Jill Stein to Make America Whole Again? WE ARE!So take 2 minutes and Listen to Jill after hearing a little bit of the other two. OK??

Sept 29- 16