Silly me! The 30 to 40 odd group of guests to this Labor day celebration at the mountain top estate surrounded by citrus and avocado trees were enjoying the food, libations and conversations.   As the political discussion wound on with the five others at my table, I shared just a few of the facts of the treason.  THE PURGING OF THE 127,000 MOST LIKELY BERNIE VOTERS OFF THE ROLLS IN BROOKLYN, NY, the closing of almost 70% of the polling stations in Arizona’s most Bernie Loyal areas, and my witness to the whiting out of Bernie votes on ballots in San Diego county (where I was sitting) these facts were undeniable by informed, engaged people.      I really believed that I had an air tight argument to NOT vote for Clinton.  I had the facts at my command. The stealing of the Presidency through vote theft and election fraud is treason by way of overthrow of the US government. AND the deaths Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were obvious murders perpetrated by operatives of the DNC for political purposes.  When I presented my facts, and my contention that no thoughtful person could vote for treason and murder for the white house, EVEN over an ass clown like Donald Trump, I was stunned to hear an intelligent woman in her 60s, obviously affluent, educated, politically active and aware, answer well then I will have vote for treason and murder and still vote Hilary.


Yes she actually said those words.  I will have to vote for Treason and Murder.  It was then I truly realized that the job of selling Donald Trump as the ultimate Boogieman was complete and getting more solid every day.  Say it out loud people. Treason and Murder.   Can YOU Really Vote for Treason and Murder?  Will You? Don’t be that Lady.  Tell the Traitors and Murders NO and please vote for Jill  Stein.  AND hey if YOU are one of the 43 MILLION Americans that have any kind of College Debt YOU better vote for Jill too because SHE is the only one you can trust to WORK to get that debt forgiven, not just reduced or whatever.  We ALL need to work building paths of representation that ARE NOT corrupted my the BIG MONEY interests.  Please do not vote for treason murder and corruption.


Sept 5 – 16