The Sioux nation representatives at Standing Rock speak out on The Law Injustice and Dakota Winter



How Important is this conversation with you all my Relatives?  It is of the UTMOST importance.  This is the declaration of the Sovereign Sioux Nation and their intent to live by the laws of civil sociability and a harmonious world to overcome the Evil that has been their pervasive experience since Columbus hit the shores of their continent in 1492.   I implore you all to listen to every word by all the speakers.  Listen not just with your ears but your heart as well and you will recognize these people as speakers of Truth.

If you listen at ALL you will understand that #WeaselJack seems devoid of humanity and truth.  Listen as The Native Americans respond to the State of North Dakota’s Inhumanity with firm love.

RELATIVES. And Pray for the souls and elevation from IGNORANCE of those who still cling to the ways of hate and division. It’s ALL ABOUT Inclusiveness, not Exclusiveness. #StarveTheBlackSnake  #EnoughIsEnough  #GoNative #InSolidarity #MniWiconi

Here is solid proof of the way the Sioux Nation does business with forthright integrity. This recording is sound clips from some of the same people at a meeting with Trans Energy partners in 2014. A meeting the company has ignored as if it never took place. But it did. Listen closely to the words of these speakers as they explain to the company their positions and historical foundations, just as they did to #WeaselJack in the video above. May many blessings from the sky fall upon those with understanding and compassion for all the relatives we live among. Yata Hey