The Left, the Right, and the Wrong

By Morgan Stone

Lefties, Liberals, Democrats aren’t wrong – they’re just victims, zombies, pawns. The Right, Conservatives, Republicans aren’t wrong either – they’re just misguided, misled and played like tiny violins for maximum effect. Who’s doing all this social engineering? Despite what wing of the fowl you come from, Left or Right, we’re all pretty sure it has something to do with people we never see, except in name only. The Ultra-Elite. Some think of them as overlords, determined to make our lives miserable by taking away our rights, or our guns, or our money, or our welfare, or free education, or NPR or, you name it, someone wants to take it away or impose it. But that’s all wrong! They, the unseen engineers, the Ultra-Elite actually don’t want anything to do with us. They simply don’t care what we think or feel so long as it keeps the flow of money and control in their hands. And really, a lot of them don’t even get that close to it. They just exist in a very, very, rich and disconnected place where there are maybe a hundred other beings on this planet to whom they may connect and recognize as sentient occupants of their class/species. To these individuals the seven billion or so of the rest of us simply don’t exist as anything more than a resource, a substance, a crop.


For the Ultra-Elite, it’s not about becoming overlords, it’s simply business, or metabolism, existence. Business, real business, effective business, is conducted with psychology, human nature, society and social engineering. And make no mistake about it, absolutely everything is about business. Granting rights, taking away rights, gun control, economics, Left, Right, ideology, politics, education, religion, class, skin color, immigration, beer… it’s all about business. It’s all about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. These are the tools the Elite (or their hired help, like governments) use to maintain the flow of money and power to them and away from the rest of us seven billion. Seems cruel, malicious, even evil, but here’s the thing: the Elite (as in the Clintons, Kennedys, Zuckerbergs, Gates, my kin, etc.) have no malice or intent to be overlords or offensive.


They simply use whatever tools (ideology, media, social programming etc.) to manipulate that subspecies of human which is us (the seven billion or so others the Elite have no contact with and barely know exist). Sort of the way you aren’t really aware of ,or care much, about the bacteria in your gut. Those bacteria are important, and you need em, and encourage them to keep you alive, but hey, really, how much do you care about how those microscopic creatures feel, or what they might yearn for,  or care about?


The Elite use the media, and even the very products their companies produce, to control us. For the Elite, there is no Left or Right, just ideologies that can be played off against each other as programming tools for social engineering. They have even made us feel good about it. Like rooting for your local team. It doesn’t matter how good they are, just as long as you are rooting for the same team as everyone around you. For the Elite to maintain their nearly quantum disconnect from the rest of us seven billion it’s essential to convince us the American Dream is real, that we should share, that we are all equal (of course, not to them), that competition is bad, that success is greed, that questioning is sin.


Yet we play along, Left, Right and Wrong, with religious like faith in the world, the economy, the society we see in front of us. Mark Twain said, faith is believing in something you know ain’t true, and it’s what we’ve been programmed to do. It’s like the advertising, all of it. Just like the beer ads, “Drink this brand of beer and you’ll have bodacious babes hanging off you!” You might really hate the beer, but damn, you want those bodacious babes! And when everyone else is drinking that beer, and saying they love it, you will too, rather than look like an idiot by admitting it tastes like horse piss. So drink it, you will, but at least you don’t look like an idiot because social stigmatization is worse than anything. Or so that’s the way you have been programmed.


It all about being trendy. What will the neighbors think? Maybe you didn’t paste up enough paper love hearts in New York, or San Bernardino, or Paris, or Brussels, or Istanbul, or Nice, or Main Street or the Shopping Mall. Maybe you actually have grandpaw’s dusty ol’ .22 in the garage behind the paint cans that you didn’t register. Maybe you have some concerns about unchecked immigration, or the additives in your food that’ll keep it fresh long after you’ve gone to ground. But question it, don’t support it, and you’re out. Out in the cold. Outcast. Not trendy. Unfriended on Facebook.


It is how you create a them and us class divide, and not among the elite, or 1% or whatever you call them. But among the citizens themselves. Stir up the hate, the fear, the need to conform, keep a mass of people, a whole population in fear and unstable and then feed them the programming through your media, your markets, your society, your schools, your politicians and you don’t even need to be aware of their existence. Just like the bacteria in your gut.


Editorial Addendum:  1.   This piece is contributed to JNN by our Conservative friend from Orange County. California  Ernest.  Ernest is my buddy, my friend and I will tell you there is NO ONE I’d rather have at my back in a tight spot.  We have respected each other for over 30 years now.  I have always been his Lefty, Liberal friend and he my Right-Wing Nut, OC-NRA-GOP friend.  Both of us have had our circle of people say to us HOW CAN YOU STAND that guy?  And I have always answered with:  Look, Ernie is my friend, a hard working man of his word and a true patriot who did his time on the Mekong and earned ever bit of his right to disagree with me.   Over the years we have come to understand that the different ways in which we see the world must come down to how differently our synapses are wired, because we really really like each other.


  1. Now about the piece, I thank Morgan for the inside perspectives shared with us all. Basically the richest families in the world DO CONTROL the rest of us just as stated therein.  But it is TIME to get pissed.  It is time to take action.  It is Damn Well TIME to stop fighting among ourselves and turn the tables on those that rig our elections, poison our air and water in pursuit of MORE money and control they really do not NEED.  The CAUSE is Justice and the TIME is NOW.  So come on let’s pull together to revitalize our democracy and wrest away the control the Ultra-Elite have had for as long as the people have been pitted AGAINST one another.


Larry Alger, publisher JNN