People are coming together saying Enough Is Enough. And they are coming together over Standing Rock opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline company who, it turns out, are a bunch of criminal bullies.  They have enlisted corrupt government officials ELECTED by the people and subsequently BETRAYED their public trust to move forward their agenda of corrupt self interest AT THE EXPENSE of anyone who calls out for Justice and in fact the interest of the planet we all live on.   RFK Jr. Explains:

EXCERPT:  This is not about political parties. Water is life.
In solidarity with hundreds of First Nation tribes that have gathered in North Dakota to protect the water of millions, their sacred land, and to demand that the US government uphold treaties made, we are orchestrating a Nationwide Caravan to get as many people and supplies to the camps as possible. Reach out if you want to help organize ride shares and donation drop sites.
We have Ally and Winter Weather Information for those who want to partake on this journey under the “Files” section, as well as a list of the donations needed.

The Wopila Journey | Nationwide North Dakota Caravan

Join us, whether in person or in spirit. #WopilaJourney
#WaterIsLife #NoDAPL #WaterProtectors #StandWithStandingRock
Donations can be made at:

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These DAPL people are criminals and the Banks behind them are financing the criminal activity!