Update  Monday 5-31-21

Now is not the time to pussyfoot around. If you Know or Sense that our world has been moved to a brink of unprecedented disaster, time is of the essence. Bottom Line is>>> We, all of us here on planet Earth, are facing the loss of our Humanity as it has evolved over thousands of years. There is a global growing coalition standing up to face down this threat.  Some say the last year plus has seen the greatest Crimes Against Humanity ever committed.  The focal point of the coalition is a German Super Star Attorney, #ReinerFuellmich.    Start Here watch these videos in this report.  We, everyone who understands the stakes in this struggle, must join the coalition in any was as we can.  Job One  Find The Truth and spread it however you can. In Solidarity, Lawrence GoJnn.com
Renowned Attorney Reiner Fuellmich explains legal actions
against criminals involved in the Covid Fraud world wide!

5-26-21 Preface  The WHOLE Covid Pandemic could have been STOPPED.
YES Stopped IF the drug Ivermectin (and a few others shown to cure Covid as well) had been allowed by the WHO/CDC/FDA to treat Covid patients in April 2020. Think about the amazing changes that have been FORCED upon the vast majority of the WHOLE WORLD since early 2020.  But No, those organizations and many world government had to let so may people DIE so the Covid Pandemic Emergency could be declared, fraudulently.  Then a medical Martial-Style Law was imposed, and the groups of genetic medical experiments, illegally labeled Vaccines, could be rushed into populations all over the world. Then they were injected into millions, perhaps a billion, of people by now, without the informed consent required by the 1947 Nuremberg Code. I support the groups world wide fighting to expose the truth and working to see to it that those who have committed these crimes must be adjudicated and punished, for the whole world to see and remember.  

Watch this video testimony in the US Senate Dec 8 20 about Ivermectin

See the mountains of evidence for/about Ivermectin
at FLCCC.net & TheCompleteGuideToHealth.com

5-28-21 Update Dr Peter McCullough believes the Covid Pandemic was developed to drive people into these new unsafe vaccinations Just listen to once of the most qualified and published doctors in the USA only 4 minutes

Six time Pulitzer nominee and New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Capuzzo Issues a Plea to Fellow Journalists about the Ivermectin Story


See more on Ivermectin & Covid at this JNN report

Thank you for stopping to look into this fight for truth, fight for human rights and in fact, a fight for humanity world wide.  Do not ignore the work for Reiner Fuellmich and his coalition.  Please watch and share these videos we have found and saved because IT MATTERS!

Larry Alger Publisher
Justice News Network

First  PCR Tests can not accurately test for people sick with Covid WOW Believe me I had no idea that was the case when I first came upon all this. 

Powerful Interview of Reiner from South Africa 


Reiner Fuellmich is working to expose the truth of the Scamedic
And hold those at fault accountable in the world courts.

Please fight against THIS future in anyway you can, even if it is just sharing this truth your family, friends and neighbors.   Thanks Again. Justice News Network.  Because It Matters! Call us to connect in America at 888-849-6160 GoJnn.com