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We all need to pick our battles in this Revolution, and this is mine. Hopefully the articles I find and write will help promote awareness as to the brainwashing our MSM has been doing for years. You will find information on propaganda, social engineering, misinformation, fascism, and much more. We hope you will find the contents useful and start questioning what is being spewed as news from talking heads with scripts of the oligarchs, who run this country. Personally, I am not a journalist, but think I probably can do better than those calling themselves journalists.
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Here is ONE of the NBM posts that I think you should see:
Headline: “So where does the investigation stem from — how did the FBI dodge the Department of Justice’s mandate not to prosecute? The key is Terry McAuliffe, who pledged $2 billion dollars to the Clinton Foundation. The FBI was able to skate around the Department of Justice by probing Terry McAuliffe’s time on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is part of the Clinton Foundation. One major donor to the McAuliffe campaign also pledged $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. So investigators used Terry McAuliffe’s investigation to open a probe into the Clinton Foundation.”
Link: http://wearechange.org/fbi-mutiny-wikileaks-tweets-fbi-investigating-clinton-foundation/