Up-Date 6-14-21

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Thanks for visiting Justice News Network.  Please take the time to listen to Robert F Kennedy Jr as he explains his experience of how we ALL have come to this point in the current re-ordering of our world.  We hope you embrace this information, and use this truth to to join the fight to keep our humanity, freedoms and self-determination alive here on planet Earth!

Please explore the links in this report and the many related reports here on JNN.  Thank You. Stay Safe Out There!

Here is another video wherein Reiner Fuellmich, the renowned German attorney, explains his background, his pursuit of the Covid Pandemic Fraud, and a few legal remedies being developed.

Video Link  https://www.bitchute.com/video/8UMHonpCxrUb/

In this video Attorney Fuellmich discusses the worldwide evidence emerging of the Covid Pandemic being leveraged for the changes we all see around us. He talks with UK Column journalist Brian Gerrish  about the Willful Global Genocide #WGG unfolding now!

The next part of this report is focused on the hopeful truths for stopping the Covid based manipulation.  In contradistinction to the mainstream media narrative, Covid is being successfully treated.  This fact makes all the Emergency Use Authorizations, EUAs, issued to the US vaccines invalid under US law.  Just think for a moment about the overwhelming messaging YOU see hear and read everyday pushing, begging and threating you to get VAXXED NOW! The messages also push you into getting everyone you love or care about, or even just encounter in your life to GET VAXXED, Right?

Listen to this renowned Doctor share his experience that the Vaccines are not about Covid but that Covid looks like it was used to get these new experimental vaccines into YOUR arm!  And THAT has been a HUGE success for THEM, hasn’t it!

Video Link https://www.bitchute.com/video/v2JvO0L8HW7P/

VAXXs appear to be the main device in the #WGG events world-wide. Here is the US law. Review this and you’ll quickly see why the Big Pharma Big Tech MS-Media bought off Government cabal has suppressed the real Covid treatments. It is obviously to keep those “Voluntary” vaccines going into MILLIONS of people around the globe supporting their Genocide! Note the bolded portion of text in the image below take off the US FDA webpage.

FDA EUA Law page link

As the excerpt above indicates, IF there is an FDA approved treatment for Covid, ALL the vaccines being injected into Americans are not legal.  It is all based a fraud, and that is the reason Ivermectin, Budesonide and other medicines that have successfully treated Covid patients around the world has been suppressed and censored

Here is one of the videos YouTube removed from our account  for medical Misinformation. The video has Louis Gossett Jr saying Ivermectin saved his life. It also has Dr Kory testifying in the US Senate under oath about Ivermectin.  Does THIS sound like deliberate misinformation to you? No it is Censorship by Google who owns Youtube, THAT is what it is. Why?  Because Big Tech is an integral part of the Big-Pharma-Government cabal hiding the truth for you so the EUAs stand! 

Video Link https://www.bitchute.com/video/8pUfNYlbm73N/

Screen shots of the removal and strike placed on our account for reporting the Truth about Ivermectin!

Yes Ivermectin Covid treatment alone renders all the EUA vaccines illegal. If you doubt us, the doctors in the videos here is one more voice we urge you to listen to about Ivermectin.  Six time Pulitzer nominee and New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Capuzzo Issues a Plea to Fellow Journalists

Covid DOES exist and IS a threat, but not in the manner or proportions that our governments have used it to keep us locked down in our homes, keep us separated from our loved ones as they died of Covid in hospitals around the world, while untold numbers of people died from “NO Hospital beds for surgeries, cancer treatment and other life saving procedures.  They forced us to use Tele-Education and keep our kids out of school, destroyed millions of businesses and jobs, while increasing people’s dependency on governments around the world.  We insist that all those actions, forced upon us ALL, since the World Health Organization FRAUDENTLY declared the Pandemic in March 2020, are Sinister, Evil, and globally  Unprecedented.

Ain’t all THAT a bitch?

In February 2020 we believed something unprecedented was happening, and produced the following artwork to express our feelings.  Looks like we were right all along!  Please stand up and fight against this possibility!                        Larry Alger, Publisher, JusticeNewsNetwork