They Did it THEY went and built SkyNet Must See Video


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So it looks like the US Government Via DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is building SkyNet.  Except is it NOT the nuclear Armageddon envisioned in the 1984 movie The Terminator

So do YOU think THIS is A-OK and a good idea?  Really?

Extract from a DARPA web-page titled:
OFFSET “Sprinters” to Pursue State-of-the-art Solutions for Second Swarm Sprint
“As operations in urban environments continue to evolve, our warfighters need advanced capabilities to keep up with the ever-changing complexity of the urban scenario,” said Timothy Chung, program manager in DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office (TTO). “The focus on enhancing autonomy in operational contexts will further advance future swarming capabilities allowing the warfighter to outmaneuver our adversaries in these complex urban environments.”

The announcement for this second swarm sprint follows the awarding of contracts to the first cohort of OFFSET Swarm Sprinters to:

  • Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Laboratories
  • SoarTech, Inc.
  • Charles River Analytics, Inc.
  • University of Maryland
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Each of these inaugural sprinters will focus on generating novel tactics for a multi-faceted swarm of air and ground robots in support of the mission to isolate an urban objective, such as conducting reconnaissance, generating a semantic map of the area of operations, and/or identifying and defending against possible security risks.
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Currently the world’s smallest Military Drone

Sergeant Scott Weaver, of The Queens Royal Lancers launches a Black Hornet, Nano UAV from a compound in Afghanistan during Operation QALB. Op QALB is a joint ISAF and ANSF operation, its aim is find enemy caches and disturb Insurgent supply chains.

Tactical versions of these drones, like the RQ-11 Raven and the lethal Switchblade mini-drone are already in use and are highly effective on the battlefield.

And can’t you just imagine looking up an seeing this sight over New York Chicago or Los Angeles and wondering if YOUR FACE is in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) programing because they took YOUR picture at a rally against another stupid war in the Middle East a couple of years ago or a protest against more tax cuts for Billionaires or maybe your Facebook profile picture because they have labeled you a troublemaker, Russian Agent, or Eco-Terrorist?

Flying IEDs People. There IS an organization working to stop this madness find out more about them at

OK exercise your right to tell your government What the HELL are you thinking! (while you still CAN!) 

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