Third Party Vote a Waste? NO and here is WHY just watch this short video!


And read/watch the rest.  Participate in YOUR democracy while you still can folks. Yes participate with YOUR VOTE before participation requires weapons to save OUR Democracy!


Maybe THIS will get through to you folks that think Green and #JillStein is unrealistic… (Maybe not) I RECOMMEND YOU WATCH IT in any case…

If you do not think American Democracy is in BIG trouble read this:

Rigged Is The New Normal

Details and Specifics about our troubled Democracy from Chris Hedges!

IF you dear reader BELIEVE it is just FINE for the Left to behave exactly like the Right has done in suppressing votes, disenfranchising millions of voters, and stealing elections because THAT’S HOW IT IS DONE here in the 21st Century. YOU are a corrupt traitor to the Constitution, the Bill or Rights and American Democracy itself.  AND Justice News Network does NOT want you hanging out here corrupting our messages of TRUTH.


On the other hand if YOU ARE a believer in American Democracy, have actually read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, congratulations YOU are our kind of people.  If YOU KNOW who your Congress person and state representatives are, you not only VOTE EVERY OPPORTUNITY, but actually put your skin in the game by working for and or donating money, time and effort to your candidates, YOU ARE just the person for Justice News Network,  whether from the Right side of the aisle or Left side of the aisle.


Thank You for exploring and I DO hope we can work together to help fix America, before it is too late! Interested in making contributions to the JNN messages? WE are looking for informed people to write, or gather existing news for publication here. Call us at 888-849-6160 reasonable west coast time. Thank You.

Oct 2 -16





  1. To my friend and I truly mean this my friend we have about 30 days to prepare for Armageddon thought of Donald Trump coming president so frightening to me I would think we are going to be hit by an astroid and we will you know we have a two party system unfortunately we’re not parliamentary we cannot get the vote out and the president the end when we don’t like them respect for you for years of a trump presidency will probably end everything with the middle class spandex and blacks hold dear I don’t be roving gangs of INS agent said knocking on every door just like in 1932 Berlin I’m Jewish I don’t want to have to run again if the two party system I’m sorry vote for anyone but the people were playing in the game it’s a waste of time I was are you Bernie supporter and when Bernie was cheated yes he was cheated that’s how the game is played at Bernie got in a little earlier maybe it would be a different story but the story is now Hillary versus trump they are not equal yes calorie Hillary shit stinks but who’s doesn’t can’t allow a trump presidency the Supreme Court will be packed with right wing conservative a woman’s right to choose will disappear will be back to backstreet abortions just people in the world will be able to buy a revote from dogcatcher all the way up no amount of money can be excluded under the citizens United is this what you really want to you want to vote for Jill Stein and protest you want to vote for Gary who can’t remember the other anywhere or anything I think he’s been smoking too much dope what do you think yes you can protest later protest by electing a west wing senate and Congress you can vote these bums out later two years you can change everything but right now the game is too important I’m sorry I know your feelings are hurt so are mine but that help I’m going to go cut my nose off put my hands up and you’ll have to come wipe my ass but I’m not wipingyour ass neither is Donald Trump urge I please I beg you to vote for the lesser of two evils Hillary Clinton a woman a mother would not let you do har your ass neither is Donald Trump urge I plead I beg you to vote for the lesser of two evils Hillary Clinton a woman a mother would not let children die in needless wars to booster penile implants like Donalds throw your vote away and so important and be prepared the Internet will be there for you to protest that you won’t have the right to protest that you will be holding a compound full of our old Woodstock hippies nine have to listen to a bad music for the rest your life kilometers and destroy and gr throw your vote away so important and be prepared the Internet will be there for you to protest that you won’t have the right to protest that you will be holding a compound full of our old Woodstock hippies

    • Doc, I do get the concept, I really do. But I am aligned with Chris Hedges as stated above. I rail against the corrupt system of the totalitarian control that NOW has hold on our governance. I rebel because I refuse to be complicit in my own enslavement. The imperatives that drive me to explore and develop paths of action against the corporate oligarchy and the ruling class preclude me from saying: It’s OK I bend over and take it just this once more. Bernie got the current political revolution started, that is true. Bernie’s current story of OMG TRUMP (which is YOUR story as well) does not resonate with me as it does with you. I believe the story that Bernie told of “IF I EVER TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR DO NOT LISTEN TO ME. He said it, (I have the video) and I resonate with THAT NOT Bend over and take it up the backside just this one more time bec ause OMG TRUMP!!! Follow the link below if you doubt me. THIS is my rational choice. THIS is what my instincts tell me is true. THIS is the way I gotta go Doc. SCREW that Treasonous bitch…

      I DO worry for our country and the future of the kids. I worry that it is CLINTON that could REALLY get us into the nuclear confrontation with Putin’s Russia that will change EVERYTHING in a couple of hours. I DO worry that the IDF is writing the play book for OUR GROWING POLICE State we find ourselves in (Thanks Obama and Netanyahu). I worry for the sovereignty of our Nation under NAFTA. We live in a world where Trans Canada HAS SUED us all, the American tax payers, for FIFTEEN GOD DAMN BILLION DOLLARS for lost anticipated profits because WE CHOOSE NOT TO ALLOW THE Keystone XL Pipeline. NOW if you ask ME THERE is a reason roll out some drones and F-117s to defend our national sovereignty. Trans Canada should be DRONED, as well as whoever the assholes are that sat in THAT judgement and award OUR FIFTEEN BILLION to them. That is what a President Alger would press for if a peaceful settlement count NOT be negotiated (Like Hands Up M-Fs you are NOT getting that 15 Billion. Now get the F outta here and if we see you again it is gonna be very BAD for you all).
      Doc… Did you read this???

      Doc, I worry for the future of NYC Boston Miami New Orleans San Diego and Seattle. I worry because Bernie was correct about climate change which Clinton will NEVER, despite anything she SAYS to the contrary, take any meaningful action against. Josh Fox explains in the youtube video right below:

      See Doc, I’m too old for that shit and refuse to stand silent for the treason and murder of the Clinton Cabal and THEIR DNC. IF I thought there was a rats ass chance in hell to “REFORM” the current democratic party, perhaps I could stand with you in your belief that voting Clinton, despite the stink of corruption, is the thing to do this time. But for me the STINK OF TREASON is too overwhelming to just hold my nose. It is so overwhelming that as it chokes the very breath out of our democracy, it chokes the breath out of my lungs as well. Only time will tell brother. We BOTH speculate on what the results will be, right? YOU are so fearful that TRUMP will be the worst president ever (Renumber George Jr Shrub?) I believe the worst president every will be H—> She will just put the pedal to the medal of the SHIT Obama has spread around (NDAA Deporter In Chief TPP NO INTERVENTION IN THE STOLEN ELECTION) during his term. AND Like Obama SHE will use the Republicans as the foil why she can get nothing PROGRESSIVE done, yes just like Obama. It has become very clear to ME and many others, Obama was and is all in for the rigging, corruption, and it is OK to KILL THE PLANET as long as YOU are getting the payday. And The Shill is so much WORRSE than he is when it comes to Neo-Con Fascist shit.

      See unlike you Doc, I am not fearful, I AM MASSIVELY PISSED OFF first and last. I’m with Grandma here because THIS is our political reality: (Follow the link)

      SCREW (Being Polite) those traitors. Screw those sell outs. And SCREW their BIG LIES. Unlike so many “Democrats” I can not muffle the calls to action that are now echoing throughout the land. I MUST follow those echos to source, meet up with the others that are willing to stand with me and REBEL. As Jefferson SAID When injustice becomes LAW RESISTANCE becomes duty. Can YOU follow THAT concept Brother?

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