10-20-16 The Denial of Election Theft here in the USA has world wide implications.


People around the world look at our PROCESS and say,
Oh My God asshole maniacs are running America.
What the hell do they think they are doing NOW?


If you do not believe that just click the X and move on because this does not concern you.  YOU are a lost cause and not worth fooling with at this point because it is SO SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! Got It?

IF YOU understand the above statements as FACT welcome, the STRUGGLE Continues!

The DNC, at the direction of the corrupt BILLIONAIRES and the dark forces of Corporate Control, are the ONES who just stole the election from Bernie Sanders and US!! As I know, my fellow Berners know, and NOW Wiki Leaks has documented THEY STOLE IT. That SHOULD BE Treason in ANY book. Do you think theft of the Presidency is NOT TREASON? IF NOT YOU ARE A FOOL…. Along with alternative media like Justice News Network, RT, Lee Camp, Josh Fox, Greg Palast, Mike Papentonio, Ed Schultz, Zero Hedge, The Young Turks, and SO MANY Others, WELCOME to the next chapter of the STRUGGLE…


AND if you do not UNDERSTAND THE BASIC FACTS OF THE TREASON, then you have your head in the wrong place, and I will not even bother to argue or fight with you because there is NO TIME TO WASTE.  Please try to educate yourself with this material, which is the best I can do for you right now. WE, Those who Get It, Those who UNDERSTAND, Those who FELT the Bern and answered the call, It is about ALL OF US coming together to bring CHANGE to our county that promotes Peace and equity among ALL people EVERYWHERE!  Come together, Live on your Feet or Die on your Knees. You Choose. You Choose.


So WHO READING this post understands the facts? Have YOU signed on HERE at my website yet? If you are in for working against the Dark Oligarch Forces that are threatening out PLANET and WE WHO LIVE HERE, please share your name and email with me (US) WE DO understand the FACTS. We will need to network world wide, as well as in our neighborhoods to continue the wage the fight. If YOU DO NOT FULLY GET THE MESSAGE HERE, but THINK there is something important herein, you are correct. Read all of this, Clink the Links, watch the videos and get in-touch with your critical thinking skills to see how this all fits into how YOU see it. Because for US to be effective I know this:  We need Everyone to get into it other wise the cops will just keep shooting and the Army will be called out to sweep those gathered to redress grievances aside.


Again I am not here to persuade, I am presenting this material to educate people and if you know a lot more than I have presented here you should be recruiting too. Got It? Contact US there is not a moment to waste!

That is all because there are so many aspects to the struggle it is almost a struggle to pick out where to start.


The Truth is this. The WAR POSSIBILITIES are the starting point because:
THAT would be the immediate beginning of the End.


Alright Everyone needs a chuckle even when the subject, especially when the subject, is as serous as WAR!!! 


Remember we are talking about WAR with another NUCLEAR POWER, RUSSIA for gods sake! WHAT are they thinking? So what do you think of this? Does it worry you? It does us. War with Russia, I ran and China?  Those are the main countries that are aligned to draw the Red Line against us in Syria.    What We KNOW!

There is NO civil War in Syria.  The vast majority of Syrians stand with their elected government.  It turns out these Rebels, by and large, as a creation of the US and Israel, imagine that.  Just like in Iraq where WE had to intervene because of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), AND there WERE NO WMD (but there was OIL) we went in killed about a million Iraqi. We also left behind tones of depleted Uranium shells that is causing birth defects and cancers in the population to this very day.  Any wonder why the countries do not trust us and in many cases HATE US?  Thanks Bush and Obama.     Yes her is not Civil war. It is just as these folks say it is.  Click on the link and watch the first three videos in THIS STORY!

Is Nuclear War just fine with you? Ok then VOTE for Clinton – Me, I am voting for Jill because war is NOT an option.

The Russians were INVITED into Syria BY Syria, to help protect them from US! And the Russians are standing firm in the face of OUR running a secret and Illegal way on the Syrian government. Here is a video that JNN (us) took the trouble and expense to hire a translator to be sure the words on the screen were accurate, they were.

Yep if you agree with ME and MY CREW that WAR is one of the LAST things we need to be involved with you are welcome here at JNN.



All right folks the following is a collection of Images Words Links Videos that should further your education or the education of ANYONE you value that KNOWS WE ALL need to work toward a PEACEFUL and SUSTAINABLE Planet!  In Solidarity folks. Jump In and Make YOUR Voice heard.  Stand Up and BE Counted! Freedom and Equity will not happen another way!


First of all I shot the video in San Diego of the whited out votes for Bernie Sanders.  TO all you Clinton Fans that say this is an Irregularity or a Shenanigan…  You are wrong this is a crime.  Stealing the Presidency is a crime and it is treason! and If you continue to say this is no big deal and would not have changed anything in the overall picture, THEN YOU BELONG IN JAIL TOO right there with HRC and her Treasonous crew.


Then there are the Murders that are attempting to cover up the loose ends right before Our Eyes! But THAT’S another story altogether isn’t it?   #DNCKillers 


San Diego videos I shot or are of me:

I am so pleased that an observer shot this at the San Diego ROV of me confronting an election official about WHAT is the deal with Whiting-Out ballots in Diego!!! HERE is the LINK Thanks Larry

Listen to these women. THEY are guarding YOUR Democracy for us ALL!
People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin #MBISD #BernieOrElse 

California Assembly Speaker: Atty General Investigating San Diego Sanders Ballot White Out Votes
Click THIS link  https://www.justicenewsnetwork.com/california-assembly-speaker-atty-general-investigating-san-diego-sanders-ballot-white-out-votes/

Video – The DETAILS of the San Diego Vote Count Scandal!!


Arizona Voters KNOW they were cheated!

Lee Camp again


Extended discussion of the two party, class warfare vote theft system.
Greg Palast Fox Bob Taicher Cary Harrison


Aug 28 -16



    • Some may suggest this article and my subsequent post here as well are each fear mongering and void of love for country with a history of democratic ideals and peaceful transitions of political power. I say those that suggest that are either implicit traitors or complicit fools who have their heads in the sand and refuse to believe the facts that are in place for a police state under the very unpatriotic “Patriot Act” and to see the stupidity of this election for what it is turning out to be: organized tyranny of the government and its treachery against “We The People”. We all can see there is not much separation between the media and the government today as with the internet we can shed light on their news blackouts and propagandist operations for the State to subdue the will of the people. That should be cause for fear right there that tyranny abounds and is compounded by the fact that most Americans find themselves in fear of both Trump and Clinton. Neither should ever be permitted to sit in the Oval Office where they can have their finger on the pulse of the economy and most certainly NEVER the nuclear codes! We have a “choice” of either neocon brown shirt fascism of Trump or the neoliberal corporate fascism of Hillary Clinton. Americans are being herded to the ballot booth by elitist corporate fascists in 2016 just the same way Germans and Italians were in the 1920’s and 30’s. With that type of tyranny, we should be fearful. And the Government right now is frightened and that is best for the people but only if they indeed stand up and show love of country by protesting the government and its tyranny! If Trump loses –as he likely will– it is not just Trump supporters that Clinton and the Administration fear most that will protest. It is the larger numbers of Progressives she stabbed that made up her own party base coupled with even larger numbers of folks in the center ground of both the Republican and the Democrat parties who together have far more numbers than “JUST” the Trump supporters who will be just as inclined to protest and more capable of throwing a revolt. As JFK stated, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” The elite corporate fascists with their banksters and military industrial security state had it out for him as well. Now is the time they should be made to learn that Karma is a bitch. Be neither a fool or a traitor, but “We the People” Should not go so quietly into the long cold dark night without a fight for what is right and what millions have given their lives for us to have as our “inalienable rights”.

      The Clinton’s will not disappoint in their capacity to demonstrate even more veracity for their tyranny that is evident in their past, proven to be present in the current election, and will “likely” be the future to come for all to see. And you can bet they are counting on Trump to continue serving in his current role as a either the biggest buffoon ever who is throwing away his campaign; or is a strawman candidate being used to give the election to $Hillary ALL ALONG. We all saw how much Hillary and her DNC Crime Syndicate subverted the will of the masses of people for Bernie Sanders and forced his oddly suspicious capitulation. Peaceful protesters at the DNC were hoarded into caged “Free Speech Zones” well removed from the in your face named, “Wells Fargo Center”, located in the so-called “City of Brotherly Love” while his delegates voices were drowned out by “white noise machines” and their seats taken away and replaced by paid “seat fillers” inside the convention. Hillary urinated on the graves of the Founding Fathers and then spun it as a “Trickle Down” golden shower and would have us all sing “Pennies from Heaven” as she does so. The Republic has fallen far in 240 years from the high hope and promise of the American Dream being turned into a dystopian nightmare state. The 2016 Election is shameful sham that is forcing Lady Liberty and her children to become homeless and fend for themselves in the streets. Her statue now stands as the largest political harlot in the harbor as she is pimped by the global elitist state for any to pay to play with her while the police state and government will make sure her abandoned children will become wards of the National Security State under the false guise of “justice and liberty” for all.

      So, “shame” on both Trump and Clinton. Yet, more so should be the shame on anyone that has drank the DNC Clinton Kool Aide –that even the RNC is serving now as its beverage of choice– that makes all believe against all sense that indicate otherwise that this criminal and treacherous right of center neoliberal corporate fascist lap dog to the globalist elite is even remotely worthy of the highest office in the land and leadership of the so called, “Free World”. Yes, Clinton has experience, but so do a lot of criminals sitting in prison right now for committing far less than she has done already and conspiring to commit further in the future! Shame on the deplorable people of our nation who know and will continue to allow whistle-blowers to rot in jails and hide in foreign lands who act to awaken the American populace to their true reality and not continue to support the false paradigms of division that our leaders are forcing upon us and the world with compounding intent to divide and break us. What infuriates millions of Americans is that Hillary and the Clinton DNC Crime Syndicate has NO shame and still refuses to take responsibility for any of their evident offenses while it instead is dangerously intent on blaming the Russians for the veracity of her crimes when exposed! Hillary clearly is willing to risk World War 3 to cover her lies and makes no apology for it. The government is manipulating internet access and traffic on its own populace while claiming without any substantive evidence that foreign powers are trying to influence the 2016 election. When the populace tried to influence its will on the election process it was attacked by the administration as being “conspiracy theorists” living in the basements of their parents. That ignores the government’s own economic disasters of their global economy that that causes its own citizens to be “basement” dwellers denying them the ability and opportunity to make a substantial enough living that would allow them to buy their own homes or not live in communes with a gaggle of roommates in an overpriced walk up flat. Politicians pay celebrities and the media to encourage the most inebriated victims of the Security State whose minds have already succumb to this brand of Kool Aide to go out and troll online and to belittle and bully family, friends, and neighbors into supporting Clinton. For those who have tried to perform interventions with the addicts and codependents to show them their addiction and to stop their abusive relationship, have only found a wall of cold and harsh counter attack and resentment. We are seen and called “the problem” and for such have been disowned for speaking of sanity and morals and we must be shot for delivering the message. It boggles the mind! Yet, Hillary supporters still wish to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. This policy serves as their veil to protect them from their own self-loathing for being responsible for the failed results of continuing to support a lesser candidate over the one in their ranks who was and still is the most popular choice of their own base.

      Americans have a sense of great love of our country. We just hate our tyrannical government. The populace rumbles in divided camps and sub camps, yet it so far seems to lack any unified will to stand up and try to stop this tyrannical coup. It is further tyranny that the current sitting government washes its hands of the entire thing as if it is believable that is it is somehow above the dirty business of politics with the mainstream media shaking the table for the whole house of cards to come crashing down when whichever head of the Clump Beast the populace supposedly votes “their conscious” for on “s’Election” Day… …just as long it is Hillary Clinton. There is just way too much organized stupid with its organized money for the entire US 2016 “s’Election” to be occurring by just mere happenstance. Trump is a jackal playing a fool, but Hillary is the greater danger. the Government right now is frightened and that is best for the people if we stand together FOR our country by protesting our tyrannical government. As JFK stated, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” The elite corporate fascists with their banksters and military industrial security state had it out for him as well. Now is the time they should all be made to learn that Karma is a bitch who is on the people’s side. Be neither a fool or a traitor, but “We the People” Should not go so quietly into the long cold dark night without a fight for what so many have already given for our inalienable rights. I was born as a child of the 1960’s, to parents who comprised the “Greatest Generation”. So I stand as the last of the baby boomers along side the millennials who we either parented or grandparent and together we know we we cannot continue to be railroaded by this fascist cabal that has led us from the turbulent 1960s to build a world of endless war, terror and human suffering resulting in 9-11 and delivering us right up to where we are at in the here and now. They wish to divide us from within and cause he entire house to fall upon itself. We must stand together in knowledge that we are a house being railroaded away by a train that has gone off of its central rail. We know that it is a wreck waiting to happen because we have been down this path of least resistance to support the lesser of evils which continuously leads us all to our greater undoing. Our political track system is immune to change and shuns hope for it. We have fought to help other nations regain their footing after being knocked over by tyrants within their own ranks. No foreign alley is coming to help us, No savoir is (likely?) going to fall from the sky to save us. We had better pray to any savior that our enemies do not try to come to “assist” us either. We are the ones we are all waiting for to rise and save us. As Chris Hedges states, “The only effective resistance will be achieved through acts of sustained, mass civil disobedience. The Democrats, like the Republicans have no intention of halting the assault on our civil liberties, the expansion of imperial wars, the coddling of Wall Street, the destruction of the ecosystem by the fossil fuel industry and the impoverishment of workers. As long as the Democrats and the Republicans remain in power we are doomed.”

      You cannot put this all into 140 characters. It requires the very type of depth and brevity of character found in the lyrics of our national anthem when it speaks of the “The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave.” It is not an act of violence in hate, but an act of conviction for what is right with love for something far greater than living in perpetual fear for 99% of the populace that the 1% feed off of to serve them their insatiable greed of more money and power. It just may require “tough love” to ensure our moral principles and ideals persevere over there assault and rape of what others have made the ultimate sacrifice for us in the past. Love trumps fear, every time. Love your country by protesting its tyrannical government. We should consider demonstrating our love of country at every street corner and institution of “justice”, commerce, or banking from Main Street to Wall Street, From Park Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue and from the local park to every campus of “higher learning” large and small alike that has failed to uphold the discourse needed for democracy to flourish. We should not let the members of the mainstream media or political pundits and Hollywood spoke persons be able to use a public restroom or go for a coke at a vending machine without having to walk the hall of shame to get to it and from it. We should refuse to allow the sitting politicians and this current administration to continue going unruffled and to pretend it is above the dirty body of politic by exposing them with the blood they have on their hands for conspiring to sell the nation out from under the feet of the people who demand a fair and level playing field with liberty, equality, justice, freedom and prosperity secured for all. It those notions are too passe or even that frightening to others, then the heart and soul of the nation is likely already too jaded and not worth the value of the hemp paper the founding fathers wrote on to establish it as the beacon for all humanity. Just roll it up and smoke it as the nation goes up in flames from Hillary’s all-woman scorned hell’s fire fury to be above all others no matter the cost. Peace, out and that’s all!

  1. To my dear naïve friends politics is not a perfect apparatus politics is like sausage it’s a game you think you’re playing Clue in reality were playing chess when I said to my friends you have to vote for Clinton. I was a very strong and ardent Bernie supporter it was quite clear to me that the most important thing in the next four years is the Supreme Court Hillary Clinton for all her foibles is still thousand times better than a game show Nazi loving racist sexist pig. Donald Trump and his cronies would put in place someone to the right oF Torquemada look like a lefty if you were not happy with citizens United or the politics of denying people of color to vote then you should support anyone other than Hillary. The old adage the enemies of my enemies are my friend is true in this situation not always cause sometimes they have another agenda but in this situation that’s very true if the right wing hate Hillary then I’m for her there must be something good about her even though she sucks as a candidate she’s totally qualified for the job she certainly has the experience . The email nonsense is just nonsense if it was bubblegum machines in her office they would’ve complained it makes no difference Hillary is the devil to the Republicans politics is like sausage it’s not a pretty thing if you knew what was in it you wouldn’t eat it and this is the reality of life is life with so perfect with y’all and butterflies in there would be no terror in the world I’m far more worried about a Christian supremacist blowing up another building then I am about to Islam make terrorism our war in this country will come from within the 13th southern states plus a few other retards like Kansas Nebraska Oklahoma take far more from the government then they give so when you say I’m going to vote for Jules Stein who’s never won a single election anywhere well that’s great but I like winners not losers I am not naïve to know that the Clintons come with baggage but we get Bill Clinton with Hilary .the bushes literally destroyed the fabric of the United States if you think George W. Bush was bad imagine a presidency Donald Trump storm troopers banging on doors looking for Mexican or you know I am a Jew it reminds me of 1932 Berlin nowhere to hide running like rats is this really what we want America and you would allow Donald Trump to be elected because you feel that something that Bernie was cheated yes Bernie was cheated and Bernie still went along with the game he was not an fool like some of you it’s hard reality to face the truth. I too wish I could have a Bernie world. But this is not to be it doesn’t matter in states like California it’s all about the elect oral college as we know when Bush stole the first election from gore and we liberals and Democrats did nothing about it and we allowed a false prince to destroy America and we said bye and we let him do things that we didn’t do in 1968 in our boys died and we are all guilty of their deaths by allowing a mad man to take control of our government and now you’re whining about Bernie and Hillary to allow DONALD to do the same yes the lesser of two evils it’s a principal and it works Hillary Clinton will not place aconservative on the Supreme Court we will finally have majority we can finally get rid of citizens United where one Rich man controls the government. That is why I strongly urge all the people in the states that matter Ohio West Virginia Florida Pennsylvania those of the states that count Souter the alternative Hillary instead of Donald good versus evil is not the accurate the approach you’re not voting for good versus evil you’re voting for the lesser of two evils in the lesser of two evils is Hillary Clinton and I wish that this could be a perfect world and we all could sell politic should be queen but simply the word politics means the two sides must compromise a word that is no wonder you and when did the word liberal become his nasty is the word Nigger more proud to be boththere are not two sides to a coin there are three there’s an edge and that’s where I’m on the edge think before you act think before you jump off a cliff but none of us can come back from my advice to all of you is Byam all you will need it down the road

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