THIS is Debbie The Sane Progressive She understands the FACTS She KNOWS what she is talking about. Be Like Debbie!


Debbie and I have shared the vision from the moment I discovered her webcasts on Facebook.  She is smart. She is articulate.  She is aware.  She is a town crier for the WORLD! And she is right on the money correct in her reports of facts and happenstances as well as her assessments of the twists and turns of the rabbit holes in this election cycle. In short she is ACES, and sees the shit pretty much as I do and that sums it up.

Thanks Debbie you are A-OK in my book

I wrote this as MY response to what Debbie is feeling.

After this primary election I am Sad, Mad and feeling Betrayed Are you?

Sure WE are bummed about the election being stolen.  IF YOU ARE NOT to the point you are WILLING TO VOTE for Clinton or Trump, Wake The Hell UP OK??

Update 10-20-16 This Election has been STOLEN It is TREASON See the evidence here! Our Government is messing it UP!

The Clinton Cabal, including Karl Rove this time, in the employ of the Oligarchs, had the FIX in so solidly that Bernie would have had to get 70% or better of the vote to make it any closer than it came out to be. THAT is the TREASON people.. HOW DO I KNOW???? Well give me a few minutes and let me explain it to you all, OK??? #EndTheTreason

San Diego White Out Ballots for Bernie Sanders Statement Of Facts

And a contributing factor IS that SO FEW smart, talented aware people I KNOW PERSONALLY  can not get passed the fear mongering by the Clinton Cabal of OMG Trump!

Rebuttal to OMG it’s Trump! Vote Clinton or ALL is LOST!!

So BEE Like Debbie, and bee like me, and my friends John and Joyce and Patricia and the many others I have met in this struggle.  Get your skin in the game. HOW?  Find those local Berniecrats who are running for Congress, running for state legislature, or mayor or school-board.  Find them and volunteer or donate and put up their yard signs to FIGHT THE POWER that has stolen the Presidency this cycle! I spend part of my day phone banking for my local candidate for the California Assembly! (YES I KNOW this meme has a JUNE date on it it was the best I had at teh click of a mouse, OK???)


And Yesterday I did THIS for another local Candidate:

Abigail Medina CA 40th Assembly District is NOT who her opponent says she is on TV ads. I KNOW because I KNOW Abigail!

So do NOT Lose Heart or Hope!  Bernie and his current messaging maybe now irrelevant but Berniecrats are still everywhere and we must WAGE THE WAR of reestablishing the legitimacy of our votes by coming together and doing WHATEVER IT TAKES FOLKS!


Vote Jill Stein to let them KNOW we are working to throw them out!


Her event list is here

Grassroots Events Here

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In Solidarity  Larry Alger, Publisher Justice News Network



Oct 8 -16