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Yes, they had the votes and threw it out, and our well-being and healthcare with it!  And now we see Bernie  preaching single-payer/universal/healthcare for all.  Why now?  Is he sheeple herding again or is he, in fact, doing this in earnest?  During the primaries he screamed REVOLUTION from the rooftops and and then he flipped — (sound familiar?) to RESISTANCE. Now A FLOP (oh yes! So familiar!) to REVOLUTION!   They HAD THE VOTES FOR SINGLE PAYER  AND THEY THREW IT OUT AND BERNIE NEVER TOLD US!  To this day he has NEVER mentioned that fact.



What had to be done to accomplish the ACA vs. single-payer?  ROBBERY!!  Yes THEFT OF FUNDS from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Fannie And Freddie Were ‘Illegally Robbed’ By Obamacare, Infowars Claims In New Report

Did the Obama Administration Use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Funds to Bail Out ACA?

To what end will this affect us??  This action by Obama is a TRAVESTY!  Those he was professing to “save” he has SOLD OUT!

Mortgage Crash Coming – Obama ILLEGALLY Robbed Fannie, Freddie to Fund Obamacare

And to top this off THAT is not the end of Obama’s thievery!  OH NO!  He also stole from MEDICAID AND MEDICARE.  He told you he was “buoying them up”.  I guess it depends on what the word “them” means.  Them meant the healthcare industry – insurance and big pharma.  Those of you who are afraid of losing that coverage for loved ones in need — THE END OF THE ACA IS NOT ENDING THAT COVERAGE — THE ACA ITSELF IS, INDEED, SET TO END THE COVERAGE!  STOP BUYING THE LIES!

Fact-Checking the Obama Campaign’s Defense of its $716 Billion Cut to Medicare

“We already see this happening in the Medicaid program, where sick and injured children can’t get appointments to deal with urgent medical conditions, because Medicaid so severely underpays doctors relative to private insurers. By the end of this decade, under Obamacare, Medicare reimbursement rates are set to fall below those of Medicaid.”

And that fall in Medicare has begun.  There is only one doctor I can find, in the entire county I live in, that will take Medicare ALONE — with no advantage plan because the payments to providers is SO LOW!  Saving us?  The LYING, CHEATING, NEST-FEATHERING GREEDY BASTARD was selling us out!

When I saw a piece stating that the Koch’s were spending TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to save the ACA I KNEW THERE WAS A PROBLEM — for you and me!

Will the Koch Brothers Save Obamacare?

Does this make you wonder?  Well, let the wonder go because here is your answer!

Koch Brothers Received Millions In Obamacare Subsidies

I was discussing this with Larry Alger and he went directly to a “source” he knew would have the answer.  This is an audio of that interview.  You MUST listen to this to understand HOW our healthcare is tied up in MONEY!  THIS NEEDS TO END!  PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY AND WAKE UP AND EDUCATE THOSE AROUND YOU!

DES talks to ACA Interview 3 23 17

$59.17 a month on each $20,000 of taxable income …

would buy into Medicare as a single-payer system covering 100% of Americans with full health insurance from birth to death.
Everybody covered, everybody chooses their own doctors and hospitals anywhere in the country. ALL doctors and hospitals would accept the insurance because it would be the ONLY insurance in the nation.

It would eliminate all employer plans and the health plan expenses and costs for ALL employees AND customers, (who now pay in increased prices of goods and services for employee healthcare).

It would eliminate all profit-making health insurance companies completely. They have earned their demise by price-fixing, price gouging and over-charging.

It would provide controls on the multiple layers of middlemen who are now taking profits from health products and services. Costs would be reduced and health services speeded up.
It would eliminate all of the confusing paperwork differences now enforced by having multiple health insurance companies laying on different paperwork requirements on doctors and hospitals.

It would eliminate pill mills.

It would get the Investor class out of healthcare, except that they, also, would be fully covered and would pay their healthcare taxes like everyone else.


In case you have NOT come to this conclusion, let me help you out!

THEY ARE SUCKING AS MUCH OUT OF US AND OUR PROGRAMS, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and only God know which others, before the ENTIRE THING COMES CRASHING DOWN ON OUR HEADS!  WAKE THE HELL UP!  

Note to Bernie Sanders:  We followed your every word.  We were starved to see you speak because of the media blackout.  MOST of those of us who “supported” you, in every way we could, made adjustments to our lives to be able to afford those $27 you so often spoke of.  What did we get in return?  You walked out on us!  STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH.  MOST OF US ARE STILL WITH YOU BUT NEVER — NO WAY NO HOW NOT NOW NOT EVER — NEVER INSIDE THE DNC!  GET THE HELL OUT AND TAKE THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOUR IDEAS WITH YOU!!!