11-2020 See The Original video clip removed by Youtube and Vimeo Click the link


Yep even little old Justice News Network reporting is subject to censorship and shut down these days.  Better not show the truth about the War Of Terror on Palestinians in Gaza and the Left bank.

SO>>>> Tell the TRUTH get labeled Hate Speech spreader!
I don’t think so.  Here is what Google Sent me about the video I cut from
an amazing Australian Broadcasting report. I stand by their reporting!

YOU decide who Hates Who here and WHO is conducting the TERROR!>>>

Thank You Vimeo for not bending over to hide truth!
HA! They wiped out my whole account FU Vimeo

Aussie Stone Cold Justice Video cut from 45 min to 17 min Watch THIS! from Larry Alger on Vimeo.

 Recent Documentary on Gaza (Pulled off PBS in the US)

First published at 20:32 UTC on May 23rd, 2019.

I find it very interesting the timing of this HATE SPEECH removal of a video I cut two years ago highlighting the reality of Israeli oppression in the left bank is NOW removed as the United States is being set up for another WAR in the Middle East against Iran.  Don’t You?


Do YOU believe in telling the truth in our world today? If you do, YOU may be next on the list and wind up like Julian Assange, or me?