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Mohammad Daleel (27), the backpack suicide bomber of Ansbach, Germany that blew himself up on July 24th about 200 yards away from my own home, originally came from Aleppo, Syria. He wanted to get to Germany to apply for asylum. He had a short stay in Bulgaria and even gave a TV interview; giving the appearance of a calm and stable person who claimed he had been through horrible situations and only wanted to get away from the violence. They believed him and a short while later, he was allowed to continue his journey to Germany. He has been here for the last 2 years.

There is a lot more information in circulation on him now, so I decided to give a second update.

In January 2015 he visited a Psychoanalyst in southern Germany who, after a 90 minute exchange, wrote 25 pages about a man who was nice and thoughtful, but clearly had two very confused faces. Due to his exposure to torturous treatment he was diagnosed with PTSD, extreme personality disorders, and seemed quite able to carry out a “sensational” suicide. When speaking about Syria, he would turn pale and his facial expressions were reduced to those of fear. It was recommended that he not be deported back to Bulgaria.

He needed help. Pushing him around even more would only make things worse.

The backpack-bomber's stopovers on his way from his home town of Aleppo to Ansbach.
The backpack-bomber’s stopovers on his way from his home town of Aleppo to Ansbach.

After a visit to a real mental health hospital in Ansbach a month later, he was set free to prepare for exportation. He was released as stable but was soon noticed by Police for involvement with drugs and apparently attempted “regular” suicide twice. After one year of tolerance, they attempted to deport him back to Bulgaria where he last received temporary permission to stay. It is still unclear why this never happened.

ISIS, on the other hand, claims that “Mohammad Daleel” was an experienced terrorist with “years” of terrorist group loyalty; a real soldier of the Islamic State. He allegedly fought for months in Iraq for ISIS and this new mission was to get inside Germany as a refugee and wait for instructions for a planned terror attack. They say his real name is Abu Yusuf-al-Karar and that he is the grenade specialist they depict in the title picture of this article. The picture shows a snap shot of the so-called “IS Weekly News”.

According to a video recently released by Amaq, a jihadist propaganda station that appears to coordinate directly with ISIS, the backpack-bomber dubbed “Rambo” by fellow refugees is the man they present. Unfortunately, he is almost completely covered making it difficult to confirm his identity. Due to other similar footage from Amaq about the Wuerzburg attack that was confirmed as genuine, German officials deemed this material as “real” or “trusted”.

Looking closely at the bend in his left eyebrow, and noting that his right eye is set lower than the left (from our perspective), I could believe this to be him. There is no official comparison yet, other than the fact that they believe this video was shot at Hotel Christl, where he stayed in Ansbach with other refugees, due to the same curtains in the background.

A mug shot of “Rambo”.
A still I took from the video.


Watch the video below of the area where the “attack” was attempted. It’s presented in German, but is hopefully interesting to see. I’ve been known, on rare occasions, to sit at the table shown in this video, and drink a beer or 10 with the owner of the bar, Norbert Imschloss and his many guests. Norbert said, “the man came in the bar that night for a moment, but left soon after having a look around.”


Police released the chat messages from his cellphone a few days ago. They revealed that he had direct and constant contact with someone in Saudi Arabia on his walk from the hotel all the way down the hill (a mile and a half) to his attempted entry to the open air concert area. “There will be many people there, get in there and kill them all” was one of the incoming messages. After being denied entrance by security, he asked his contact what he should do. He was then directed to drop the backpack somewhere and use a remote to set it off. In the end, his failure was due to a mistake. The bomb exploded prematurely on it’s own, killing himself and wounding only a few others (15).

The “poor guy” who obviously had it extremely rough in his short life has been properly buried, but the location of the grave was not released.

Thanks to my sweetheart, Andrea “Andy” Lausmann, for helping me with links while I wrote this. I would post my sources, but they are all in German. I chose local news to report from, as it is usually closer to the truth.

My previous news on this subject: First and Update 1.

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