Germany – July 26, 2016
Last Sunday night, a refugee from the civil war in Syria detonated a home made backpack bomb full of random metal pieces, in an attempt to kill civilians at an open air concert in downtown Ansbach, Germany. The failed attempt only injured 15 people, 4 of them seriously. The suspect himself was the only casualty of the incident. This was the first real “terrorist” attack that Germany has witnessed with a proven Islamic connection.

“I don’t wish to carry weapons against people”, was what he wrote in his application for asylum in Germany.

Mohammad Daleel, 27, “seemed like the rest”, according to social workers at the Office for Social Integration, “[he was] nice and thankful. We knew him, because he was often here getting help”. The other side of the coin? His fellow refugee’s gave him the nickname “Rambo”, not because of aggressive behavior, but rather due to his shoulder long hair. Acquaintances said, “he wasn’t employed, but was really trying to find work”.

Called “Rambo” by fellow refugees because of the hair and muscular physique, not his behavior.

One of Daleel’s neighbors in the old hotel, Mahmood Mubariz, a 28 year old Pakistani who works at a McDonald’s restaurant wondered where he could have gotten the bomb saying, “I never saw him praying so there’s no reasoning behind thinking he is a fanatical Muslim”. On the contrary, “Rambo” had been known to lie and was taken to a mental institute in the area at least 2 times for attempting suicide (alone). Mohammad has also been in the spotlight for petty criminal acts, one of which had to do with drugs. No specifics were released on either.

According to the Police, batteries, rubbing alcohol, Hydrochloric acid, various wires, a soldering iron and gas cans full of Diesel were found in his room. In his laptop they found large amounts of terrorist photos and his cell phone was loaded with violent videos. One video in particular, seemed like a threatening video of himself with a mask, warning of an attack and praising Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the “Islamic State”.

The shock was big with the citizens here in Ansbach. Many are seeking spiritual help and others are unable to continue with daily life yet. News teams from all over world are here lately asking questions, keeping the attack in everyone’s daily conversation. People are speaking out for more security, right and left wing activists joined up to peacfully protest (video) in front of the Castle. Interesting for me personally, to see this video in the news and recognize quite a few of them!

Police at the Hotel “Christl” which was turned into a refugee housing effort for Mr. Daleel and many others.

Everything seems back to normal now. Fellow refugees from Hotel Christl offered the idea to their social workers, as a sign of solidarity, to give blood if necessary. Many stopped by and laid out flowers in the area near my friend Norbert’s bar “Eugens Weinstube”, and even he has opened back up for business today for the first time after the explosion and shock that night.


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