Updated WW3 Report: recent events added ; Pope says “world at war” [VIDEOS]



July 30, 2016

 Updated July 30

This is a big adjustment to the situation I explained in the full report account of the entire world global war situation and compile it in a single updating news.

sign of bad times on the brink. <—-That is the full Report.

Bookmark it if interested, I will continue to add new things.

This WW3 denial no longer valid. The story of that is no longer a rumor. I live in Europe, so I see news they report over here in a different language. I also see which stories are curiously being left out in the U.S. News, (perfect example they show TTP in the U.S. but there’s no talk of the TTiP, Ceta and TiSA) it’s here, but they are keeping it extremely low in the popularity chain of exposure over there. North Korea just declared war on the U.S. Read on! If you don’t check the links, you only get half the story.

The Philippines are still at it late July 2016, within the last 24 the following links: Philippines’ Duterte calls off truce after rebel attack Horrible; back and forth, in and out of an ongoing war against rebels. Here is an unbeatable Photographic adventure to view. The photos are awesome! The duality of equality is a reflection of MANY countries right now. Simply exchange the colors of the people, and say the name of a different country. There is no racism. There are only evil people who make you believe that it exists. Children are NOT BORN INTO THIS WORLD A RACIST. Oh and notice that one guy carrying the American M-16. Did somebody drop that by accident and forget it?

CLICK TO SEE U.S. Standard Issue M-16

July 26; A PRIEST has had his throat slit by two men who held members of a church group hostage, in what is being investigated as a terror attack. Two men armed with knives entered the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, a suburb of Rouen, as mass was taking place this morning. This incident led to an expected speech from the Pope on the following day.

July 27; We must not be afraid to say the truth: The world is at war because it has lost peace… When I speak of war, I speak of wars over interests, money, resources, not religion. All religions want peace; it’s the others who want war. ~Pope Francis

Pope Francis prays in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland, Wednesday, July 27, 2016. Pope Francis has prayed by the relics of the late pope from Poland, St. John Paul II, at the and has met with Poland's bishops who vowed to "listen carefully" to his teaching. (Daniel Dal Zennaro/Pool Photo via AP)
Pope Francis prays in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, Poland, Wednesday, July 27, 2016. Pope Francis has prayed by the relics of the late pope from Poland, St. John Paul II, at the and has met with Poland’s bishops who vowed to “listen carefully” to his teaching. (Daniel Dal Zennaro/Pool Photo via AP)

July 28; From Associated Press: North Korea: U.S. crossed ‘red line’, declared war – The wording of that is important. They say the U.S. declared war, but we didn’t; what we did do was put Kim on the personal sanctions list. Mafia pressure tactic.

North Korea’s top diplomat for U.S. affairs told The Associated Press on Thursday that Washington “crossed the red line” and effectively declared war by putting leader Kim Jong Un on its list of sanctioned individuals, and said a vicious showdown could erupt if the U.S. andSouth Korea hold annual war games as planned next month. Makes me wonder why no one reacted to that. It’s AP remember? After all the info I showed you in the main article, You will see how this is close to the final straw for them. This has been a series of events. If it doesn’t happen soon…It will probably happen soon.

They’ve been warning the U.S. for 3 years now, clearly putting them under pressure. The U.S. had the intention of moving THAAD’s to their borders in South Korea; North Korea’s reaction? they will be considered an act of war with “physical retaliation”. Read the rest of it inside the report because China is not happy to see American battleships on their invisible border in the South China Sea either. Want me to really tell you who is paying for all this? If you’ve actually read this far, I probably don’t have to tell you.

This Pope speech and the next day North Korea sounds the alarm; all highly supportive of my theory that we have been in World War 3 and that things are escalating at an alarming rate, compared to 2 years ago. That’s the time-frame limit I set for this. CHECK the links I supplied to understand the sheer scale of this situation. Its a web of events I am seeing take place in nearly all parts of the world; I just collected the big picture as of June 2016, and is supported with information from as far back as 2015, no earlier.

Wonder how this will last. Me suddenly not writing anymore will be a sign. Everything here, is already out there. I just sowed the web of it to present it from a different perspective since normally this info trickles past so slowly it doesn’t seem like it’s world wide… and it is.


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