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Kia Ora .. Hàu … (Hello)Firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has liked, shared, commented and viewed the pages.
Your insights are priceless in supporting the momentum for Standing Rock.
My journey has taken me many places and I now find myself fighting the same fight as our water protectors at Standing Rock against the tyrants of power the USA government and the corporations.When did the government put corporations first over the people and her resources?
For some time I gather and it seems to be a worldwide trend in the name of national security or interests.They have lost the plot big time by putting money interests over people interests.
Does that make it morally right? NO!

Can you drink OIL .. NO!
Can you drink MONEY .. NO!
Can you drink contaminated WATER! .. NO!
Can you trust Governments .. NO!
Can you trust Corporations .. NO!
Can you trust F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K .. NO!

In the main picture posted it shows the insights of this page and I own pages with 50.000 likes and have never seen insights like these for a page still in its infancy stage.
The picture down the bottom is my latest ban from F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K making my job nearly impossible to get heard or seen by anyone outside of this page and also people who have liked this page.

I find this irritating and annoying to say the least.
People don’t like hearing the truth most times and I feel this fits F.a.c.e.b.o.o.k community guidelines well at this time, because of the 3rd party interests they have with the authorities now.

So I ask you now, how can you help me keep this page relevant and in people’s news feeds;

• Like this page firstly
• Like as many posts on the page
• Share as many posts on the page
• Share this page to your page
• Share this page in FB groups
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• Invite your FB friends and family
• Engage in conversation on posts in page
• Tag friends on as many posts on page
• Visit this page directly if you can, not from news feeds

This should go a long way to beating the bullies at FB Police by going against the system which was designed to compress and suppress people who fight the system for decency truth and a fair go.

I need you to Stand for this page, with the ultimate goal of a satisfactory outcome to the people of Standing Rock and all other places around the USA and the world who fight the tyrants over our precious resource, water!!

I do this for love for justice for mankind for mother earth but especially our future generations, our kids.

As the world watches and notices Standing Rock and all she stands for the fight continues to touch many lives.
I thank you all in advance as we stand beside Standing Rock…

feeling blessed

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