What you will see here are ballots in San Diego County from the California primary election where the selection for President has been whited out before they are run through the tabulation scanners. The county explains this as an adjustment to the vote totals as directed by the different parties. Most people are unaware this process is taking place and the ballot count watchers are up in arms because some maintain this is breaking state election laws. In addition, many reports of voters expecting to vote democratic came to the polls and discovered that the county records showed them as registered as some other party. This has also been reported by some republicans as well. In addition student ballots mailed from UCSD are being invalidated and never scanned if the ballot envelope address did not contain the room number on campus. Reporting shows this was not contained in the instructions.

Listen to these women. THEY are guarding YOUR Democracy for us ALL!
People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin