Washington Voters do you KNOW there is an Election ON NOW until April 4th?


3-15-19 YES there is! It’s to decide HOW Washington Democrats select delegates for the State and National conventions!  Click the link to see the entry page>>  https://www.waelectioncenter.com/ Look below at the screen shots to see why we think this maybe just another DNC Rigged Poll.


WHY does ANYONE call this an election?  Elections MUST be secure otherwise they are a joke!

What is UP with this?  Is the DNC working it to set up a sure thing for their hand picked choice in the 2020 race again?  In Iowa they claimed it was to update Tech and expand Inclusion, but reporting shows almost NONE of the citizens had a say in the process.  Sounds like 2016 all over again to us, doesn’t it ring a warning bell for YOU too?


So everyone in Washington Wake up to the FACT that changes to our voting system are being made IN OUR Name and everyone needs to comment and VOTE OK?  We can not stand for another DNC Rigging like we got in 2016.  In case you never heard about the 2016 Election DNC Fraud Lawsuit filed by our friend from Florida, Jared Beck here is what the DNC Lawyer stated in defense during the court proceedings.

So HOW can you sit back and JUST TRUST the process when the DNC stated THAT in Open Court?  We must ALL watch OUR election processes as Closely as possible and remain ever Vigilant to changes made at any point, by anyone, anywhere!