The following is a series of social media segments authored by a friend of mine who, quite frankly, makes me feel both in awe of her depth and breadth of knowledge and worldly experience, and out of touch with the reality of the real world’s order. Thank You DES for your contributions to ALL our higher education.  I assert we ALL need to listen to her. Larry Alger Publisher 

2015, the Pentagon commissioned an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its immense back-office bureaucracy.

“When the project documented far more wasteful spending than expected, senior defense officials moved swiftly to kill it by discrediting and suppressing the results,” because they feared Congress would see the waste as an opportunity to reduce Pentagon spending.

125 billion would house and feed every single homeless person in America right now.
125 billion would provide one years mental health treatments and supplemental job training for all of those homeless that needed these benefits.
125 billion would provide free bus tickets and assistance for haircuts and suitable clothing for Americas homeless
125 billion would provide food and medical for the pets of Americas homeless
125 billion would provide free diapers and tampons for Americas homeless
125 billion would provide interest free car loans, down payments, three months of insurance and one free oil change on personal transportation for homeless Americans
125 billion would provide all of the above, all of it.
Homeless people are made homeless by the system of predatory governance, and the regulatory cluster fuck designed to separate people from each other.  The homeless are, by design, deprived of the right to work, the right to their dignity, and the right to not be set upon nor punitively damaged nor gouged to support illegal labor pool rights. What ARE supported by current governance is the right of the corporation over the man, and the presumed and assumptive rights of a congressional and legislative body who increasingly answers not to the laws of the country, but to international corporate laws, with impunity from domestic curtailing of their acts of treason upon the ALL the people the world over.

The war budget has taken precedence over the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   DES

JNN-ED  DES  First, 125 BILLION is a lot of money so I assume this list of would dos is cumulative as apposed to AL LA CARTE,  Nich var??

I wonder how much of that war budget goes directly to keeping the domestic citizenry in line, deprived of their rights to redress, suppressing REAL FACTUAL Information dissemination so high quality electoral decisions can be made by voters (IF they get to vote and those votes are counted), and how much money is spent circumventing the First, Fourth AND Fourteenth amendments as well?   Waddya think about a $100 Billion?

Domestic War Budget Results:


Foreign War Budget Results:


Follow Up Comments by our Author…

Segment 1: There is the assumption that homeless people are lazy good for nothing drug addicts whores the ignorant the lazy or the mentally inept. Increasingly the homeless are women and their children, veterans and the middle class forced out of their homes by lost wages crisis medical expenses, divorce and student debt. Today’s homeless in America often have a job or even two but live in their car because they ant afford the high costs of rent and the cost of getting into a place ( first month, last month and security deposit can top 12g) Bias and bigotry which the sheep understand as ” racism” is not confined to whites against blacks or Latino but most often is targeted by Latinos and blacks in state and non profit office settings where they are employed under the minorities rights to employment and ate more specifically targeting white homeless population groups. In states with high housing costs and high Latino populations such as California you see very little Latino homelessness and increasingly high white homelessness. The resources are skewed towards minorities of ethnic and racial divides including socioeconomic factors such as education. This is particularly prevalent in the area of resources for victims of domestic violence. The federal govt states its objectives towards funding and a zero tolerance of domestic violence and purports to have numerous programs and systems in place when in reality what they have is very little of tangible worth beyond window dressing offices with expensive to produce pamphlets backed by decidedly inept stretched too thin to the point of meaningless support services particularly if one isn’t listed directly as mandated to receive support due to a protected minority status. Such as Latino or black. This is not to say that all of them have an easy time of accessing needed resources, it’s to unveil the reality that in the absence of the support they have a legal resource and a system willing to red carpet those ” rights” while for arguments sake the same is not true for white women. In this way the federal and state govts are operating under racial discrimination that is clear and compelling but categorically not reported on.

Segment 2:  It’s 37 degrees where I am right now. There are more than 2000 homeless people. In the city. There are also untold empty commercial buildings that include kitchen facilities. And bathrooms. Standing empty. Guarded by private security to keep the homeless living in their cars from parking overnight in these empty parking lots under lights for safety. Overnight parking on the streets will get people a ticket from the local police who ” don’t tolerate ” … ” camping”(sic) overnight in cars. Parents with children are not exempt. Private security is virulent and building owners are caught between a rock and a hard place. Empty buildings are tax write offs while renting below the local square foot guidelines offers no incentives for middle ground solutions.

The homeless IN vehicles are the elite. Homeless on foot is a crisis in safety, health concerns and exposure to the elements. Again, it’s 37 degrees …

Segment 3: Homeless families with young children are preyed upon by the state assistance agencies when they seek shelter or access to resources even for a night. The system demands total invasion of privacy and a stripping of all rights to privacy. Of information. Homeless pets are a serious concern. Many homeless people have canine companions. I believe their dogs are a critical component for their emotional health and security as well as personal safety. My children and I have bought ” disposable” silver foil thermal blankets and goodwill blankets, cut up the blankets and handed these out along with canned dog food which isn’t covered by food stamps or charity food handouts. Many dogs are not large but smaller and ill adapted to freezing temperatures. Cups of hot tea and bowls of warm water handed out late at night are appreciated in ways I can’t describe. Food stamps won’t pay for hot deli foods. I demand that elected officials live without their support system, on the street for one week ahead of taking office. I demand these oligarchy addicts be forced to confront the street level of their policies bigotry and racism before voting on acquisitions for defense systems related to foreign wars in countries currently being Droned by the US/ UN for humanitarian proliferation of corporate take over of foreign assets. At the expense of Americans right to life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are talking simple basic human rights for gods sake!!!

Segment 4:  Lawful remedy exists thru the UCC and case law. If you have been mindful of the states and the lower courts rulings as well as their adherence to the body of case law you will no doubt understand that case law has superseded The Law itself. Particularly with remand to rights of the people for compensation and judiciary or states ” doing business as” officials and in particular the federal officers ” doing business as”. Regardless of the fact that they are working under performance based bonds the criteria for indemnity is very broad and the criteria for relief terribly narrow and subject to the courts discretion. Judicial discretion comes with the full weight of judicial indemnity so as to allow the ” judge” to discern the law without threat or rebuke. Unfortunately this has given rise to absolute corruption since case law is not the law but the precedent. The law is not Perse subject to precedent but must revert to and answer to the law itself or be deemed the color of law. ” justice or at least the appearance of it”. The ONLY exception is fraud. Fraud upon the court or fraud of office. When a judicial administrator steps outside of the bounds of the law itself he may be prosecuted and loses his indemnity. Aside from that sole consideration they are immune under the system they have invoked and operated over while holding the people under these ” laws”. RICO seeks to offer relief from the organized crime that abounds but relies on the whim of the related parties of the bench, the court officials and their crony prosecutor to take offense at the charges of racketeering and conspiracy thus there is no unbiased independent or autonomous body to right the scales of justice but the the right of the people to assemble educate invoke their free speech rights to educate others and work towards the reassembly of common law courts in order to nullify the admiralty courts masquerading as the law …. I won’t be quoting case law, it’s redundant in this context. I will refer you to UCC 18 which you know and additionally our statutory right and obligation to eliminate those elected officials who are in violation of their oaths to uphold the country to serve and protect and do so by the will of the people for the benefit of the people. These are affirmed by the Supreme Court in numerous rulings however the lower courts increasingly ignore statutory law and violate even case law in seeking their injunctions against all manner of things by rights not theirs to usurp.

Segment 5: For the record though…. I demand…. Is a reminder to a “” call for your ear”” … As in…” Friends citizens and Romans… Lend me your ear…” I am not demanding onerous challenges for the ogliarchy for merely my personal benefit. As a right or privilege. I am imploring honest dialog towards truth and away from the double standard. Americans are ignorant biased debauches and entitled willing to spout off and wave their fingers at others preaching values and vouching for their superior way of life without understanding the first thing of their own double standard bigotry racism ignorance arrogance and the delusion they toil under. Beginning with their assumptions regarding homelessness and the depravity of racism and bigotry that exists in charities and state and federal offices charged with aiding the homeless the abused and the mentally challenged but subjecting them to horrors I am not at liberty to discuss here except in broad terms. For now. This will change in time and the full weight of accusation based on facts will be public. Meanwhile discussions are important and relevant solutions and brainstorming are critical towards those solutions. Not by committee but by General free contributions by those willing to step into the fray because these things matter.  Thank You DES….. amflagreversed1