We respect the knowledge and experience of Chris Hedges. Here is some of his latest reports of truth!


Isn’t it ODD that the TV reporters that have histories of standing up for the truth such as Ed Schultz, Chris Hedges, Thom Hartman and now Lee Camp can not find work anywhere but a Russian state sponsored network? AND Indie Media such as Justice News Network are the only outlets that work to help get their messages out to the world? Welcome to #RealNews folks.  Thanks for following us and searching for the TRUTH!

Please watch the featured video above! Chris has been in touch with the global political realities from his BEING THERE and reporting history and facts! I assert that he is a lot smarter US people. He is one to watch and listen to for US to stay in touch with the current Political Realities. No Sitting on the sidelines anymore people. It is much worse than most people imagine. What is at stake anyway? Only the fate of the planet and the extension of the human race. No Biggie, Right? WRONG! INVEST in your education, no matter how young or old you are.  YOU need to hear this truth. We at GoJNN.com do all this for YOU because we KNOW the crap has been hitting the fan for 40 years now.


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