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CIA-Funded Washington Post Lets Tomahawk Missile Lobbyist Write Pro-War Editorials Without Disclosing His Ties

Wow. I don’t know how they keep doing it, but peak corporatism in America just keeps getting more and more radicalized.

As I never tire of reminding readers, despite the Washington Post’s owner Jeff Bezos received a $600 million contract with the CIA (more than twice what he paid for the Post), WaPo has never followed standard journalistic procedure when reporting on the US intelligence community and disclosed this conflict of interest. This despite the fact that WaPo has become the prefered publishing outlet for anonymous leaks from the CIA.

And now, in what feels like a test to see just how far they can push this thing, we learn that they have been allowing a lobbyist from Raytheon to publish enthusiastic pro-war editorials on their pages without disclosing the author’s lobbying background. Raytheon is the manufacturer of the Tomahawk cruise missiles used in Trump’s strike on a Syrian air base last week.

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