WE (yes ALL of US) must unite against the dark forces of Oligarchy otherwise who knows how far this unrest will go when it goes down!


Wake the HELL UP EVERYBODY!!!  … If reasonable, thoughtful, Patriotic CONSERVATIVES do not ENGAGE POSITIVELY with the dedicated LIBERALS many of you NOW just joke about, insult, denigrate and put down with SHIT like this,

conserv-shit1WE ALL will lose our constitutional legacies fought for by ALL types of Americans for going on THREE CENTURIES now.


If you do not understand THAT FACT you still have your head up your ass and are playing directly into the hands and game plan of the Oligarchs that have YOU FOOLED into believing your enemies are ME and MY Liberal Patriot allies who have served OUR America.bernie-call-1

AND you are distracted from YOUR real enemies of ALEC, the Koch Brothers, George Soros and other other BILLIONAIRES that want to be our RULERS as they BUY UP governance and HIRE the crooked politicians like Ryan, McConnell, the Freedom Conference crew, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and their ilk. And LIBERALS I implore you to ENGAGE thoughtful conservatives to FIGHT the Oligarchs while we still have SOME rights left before the Police State solidifies into a Stasi-like national force.


AND We (you know the people whose taxes PAY your salary and all those bennies)  order all you people acting under the color of LAW that abuse citizens for exercising their constitutional rights, and shooting unarmed citizens in the back, and acting like a pack of wild animals choking us to death on the streets of our nation to wake up as well. YOU Better stop and think about the UNLAWFUL Orders you are following and giving citizens because there are at least 200 MILLION of US and maybe a million or less of YOU! And, just as the the Stasi did in East Germany, YOU better side with the people when PUSH comes to SHOVE or YOU will wind up bodies in the streets because YOU ain’t got NO G-5 jet to hop on to take refuge elsewhere LIKE YOUR masters GIVING THE UNLAWFUL Orders do now, do you? Nope.  You REALLY going to gas shoot and run down your brother, your Uncle, your Aunt, your Father and Mother because some minion of an Oligarch fuck says so?  Even the Stasi could not do that.  Are you THAT far gone?  If so you better find another line of work before the shit hits the fan.  Are you REALLY that big an asshole and do you really like to abuse, hurt and kill people that much?  Find New Work!

People ON BOTH sides of the political lines…. Take Actions!!  Get Politically involved.  Find and attend March and Rallies for causes YOU believe in.  Meet YOUR Neighbors.  Meet YOUR candidates BEFORE you vote! General Strikes, Help Organize a Do Not buy Gas on certain days in your town, maybe 2 days a week.  Boycotts (do you REALLY still shop at WALMART??) Divestment (BOA?? Wells Fargo?? Chase?? Citi??) Change your Bank for a Credit Union, NOW!!!   Support Renewables and Sustainability (Find and Join a Carpool Buy a New Chevy VOLT or a Tesla, if you HAVE money) Home Owner?  Install Solar and or a wind turbine!  Stop or cut down on Eating BEEF!!  Really THAT is important! And remember EVERY little bit of Action by MILLIONS, both right and left, of us makes a difference!