Well Face-Poop Poops on US at JNN again! 4-28-18


The following is a series of screen shots I took while attempting to post a JNN report using the Facebook Share on our Site Link.  THIS has never happened in this way before!
This is what happened! Needs less to say with almost 4,000 friends I could not pass the Photo ID Test & I had NO IDEA the Dead JFK was a Facebook friend of mine!  BTW I have NEVER given & refuse to give my ACTUAL DOB to Face-Poop. Have YOU? Don’t you find it kinda ODD that my DOB is what THEY wanted to confirm my identity? Humm


Obviously Face-Poop NEEDS to WORK on this photo ID System Donchya Think?

I did not screen shot those I THOUGHT I knew for out of respect for them.

Some Prior Related Reporting>>>

Dear Facebook I KNOW you are not a FAN of GoJnn but THIS amazes US!


Josh Fox Facebook will screw ANYONE if they do not want YOU to see the TRUTH Zuckerberg does not want you to SEE the Truth!

Facebook And Israel Make It Official-You’re Toast If We Don’t Like Your POST!

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This is the JFK We DO KNOW!