What Can We Do? Three very important minutes YOU need to watch. If you don’t this shit is On You people!


…. From where I sit on the bank of this river of time and watch as the bodies of both my friends and enemies drift by, I see the horrible frenzy of a rush to Fascism among people and nations alike. Pushed along by the greed of individual spirits that can never be quenched (apparently) by wealth OR power or dominion over other human beings.

How is it that the Progressive movement of our kind, which sprang forth so energetically in the late 18th century here in our American Colonies, was renewed and affirmed by the abolition of slavery, furthered by the Roosevelts, the labor movements and progressive ballads, plays, thoughts and deeds of the early and mid 20th century, has come to wither so?

How have so few come to have so much and so many come to have so little that survival is a struggle for them? How has evil come to gain such a foothold over us all? I ask this of all of you out there…. Are we NOT a single people possessed of heart blood and human conscientiousness THE WORLD OVER? Is THIS not a basic and fundamental TRUTH in our world? What the Fuck people, we are ALL in this shit together…. Larry Alger Dec 26, 2014 (YES 2014)

YES THIS IS A JNN EDITORIAL>>>  So are you going to ask yourself and those around you What Can We Do?  You better because IF you do not the dark forces of Oligarchy that are manifesting as Fascism here in America as well as around the world, are going to enslave our country.  Hell they already have us by the Balls.  THEY have shifted the tax burden AWAY FROM THEMSELVES and directly onto the shoulders of YOU and ME, as well as our middle class friends and neighbors over the last 40 years.

Why did this happen?  Because WE LET THEM.  WE did not stand up to them. We did not recognize the right wing, theocratic  multi-multi millionaire and billionaire cronies, and their bought and paid for elected puppets were re-writing the laws trying to make the Constitution irrelevant.
WE FUCKING LET THIS HAPPEN PEOPLE.  My Generation, the baby boomers, the ME generation.  Most of us just went to shit after the civil rights fight “ENDED” The Voting Rights Fight ended, and the movement against the Viet Nam War ended.  Yep most of us were just too busy striving for the McMansions, the speedboats, the third or fourth car or truck or motorcycle to notice that THIS FUCK and his buddies had just put us on the highway to Hell!  This guy was the founder of ALEC and one of the assholes that put the shining words in the mouth of Ronald Reagan who began the crush of the Labor movement, stealing our elections and the thief of Social Security!

Yes What CAN We Do? We, all of us debt slaves who are just getting by, ya know, You Me Uncle Fred and Aunt Ethel and have to wake the hell up and get active in the process to:
1…. Re-invigorate participation in our Democratic decisions.  There MUST Be millions more people DEMANDING their rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and a square deal under the laws of our land.   And IF YOU THINK that is what the average American has, a square deal under law, NOW these days, YOU are asleep folks.

2….. Our Elections MUST be Legit.  It is NOT enough to just go out and vote informed.  Yea INFORMED, You REALLY MUST know what a candidate SAYS they stand for, what they will do after election to the office,  AND WHERE their money comes from to get them elected, before you cast your vote their way. But THAT is not enough either.   After you CAST that ballot you and your friends and neighbors MUST investigate the counting process.  We ALL Must find out WHO counted those votes, HOW was the counting done, and was there any significant difference between the Official vote tally and the exit polls that must be exhaustive conducted.

3…. Punishment for the Treason.  When there is observed, measurable FRAUD detected and reported in elections, transparent investigations MUST be carried forth to arrest, jail charge and prosecute anyone, and I fucking mean ANYONE responsible for the treason of stolen elections. Let it be at the top level of the treason or if it is just a touch for some stupid bribe of money or advantage of any sort.  Those who commit the treason must be punished harshly.  Yes people because THOSE are the people STEALING OUR RIGHTS!

THIS IS THE TRUTH PEOPLE… Fraud and fixing elections is NOT Winning… Stealing a decision is NEVER Legit Lying and Cheating deserves Punishment NOT Reward!! The Lesser EVIL is still EVIL ya know? Treason?  Yes Treason SEE THE PROOF FOR YOURSELF!!! Please click into a new tab or window so you do not lose THIS page, OK???

Update 10-20-16 This Election has been STOLEN It is TREASON See the evidence here! Our Government is messing it UP!

Hey PLEASE give me a minute twenty one of your time and attention, will ya?

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Every American NEEDS to see this video from 2005 with Harry Belafonte

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