More from Santa Rosa Evac Centers………
Something is causing health issues there:

Rohnert Park Health Center 5900 State Farm Dr Rohnert Park  CA
They provided the free Flu Vaccine shots at the Santa Rosa Evacuee Center by permission of the Red Cross.  Was it by Permission or Invitation?

The Santa Rosa Vets Center

It was set up as the initial Med Center where people with injures or patients moved from evacuated hospitals that could not be transported to other are hospitals directly were taken in the chaos of the fire storm.  Following is a screen shot from a SR Press Democrat story:

The operations manager for the Red Cross at the Veterans Center/Fairgrounds was approached by one of our on the ground sources some days ago about the RC operations, including the flu shots administered to some evacuees.  He had no direct answer for their questions on the alerts posted up all over the fairgrounds and the Vets center across the street.

He DID inform our source though that HE has the ultimate authority and was under to NO obligation to answer any questions, all at his discretion.  He also made it clear that the Red Cross as it is a national non profit protected and operating on behalf of the United States.

He was asked which RC chapter was operating this particular relief center….   His response was that the Red Cross is national. When pressed for more specifics on Local Chapter (Which IS the Sonoma County RC Chapter after all) it was reported that he became, arrogant, aggressive and belligerent with the questioner.

When informed of the facts, that the questioner IS a resident of Santa Rosa, has been in service as a volunteer first responder since the outbreak of the fires (and indeed had saved lives by going door to wake and alert residents in the area of approaching flames).  The questioner, who IS an associate of ours at JNN, holding a valid press card, and engaged in gathering facts for a white paper for Senator Harris, informed him they were not satisfied with is lack of answers, he left abruptly stating he had to take a call and has been unreachable for the past six days.

Our associate maintains that this lack of transparency smells wrong If people encounter this kind of stonewalling about the evacuation facilities and processes from Red Cross or any other volunteers at any facility, they need to be encouraged to get the names of those volunteers or staff operating without transparency.  Please record the facts of the encounters and report them, with the specific details of the encounter, to local and state officials as well as your elected representatives.

So how is it that these notices have been posted in the Fairgrounds and yet not the Veterans facility evac centers? While the notices are now plastered all over the Fairgrounds there is a distinct lck of any notices or foot traffic across the street at the Veterans Building which has closed its lobby doors to preserve the quarantine area.  It is secured by armed guards without notice.  Previously the command center hub, the Veterans Center is NOW ominously “OFF LIMITS”!!!

Has the Flu run riot through these compounds?  Is there a possible threat to the larger community?   Was the some other contagion brought to the Vet Center when it was set up as the emergency Med facility, and some hospital evacuees were placed there?  What gives with all that, no answers have been forthcoming AND WHY is the press being kept away from Evac Centers? And WHY is the Vets Center reported to be guarded by uniformed military personnel with side arms?  It is more than just a concern for people’s “PRIVACY“? 

The Command Center for the Press has been moved to the Local Newspaper offices of the SR Press Democrat. No news have been forthcoming about the Veteran Center quarantine or the flu outbreak amongst the evacuees.

What’s Up in Santa Rosa folks? 

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