When will Social Media turn US, the dissenters, OFF all together? Proof that they Spy Block Censor and Delete user content and links!



As almost everyone in any major progressive political Facebook group knows, many strange things have been happening with Social Media over the last several months. Both Twitter and FB have become very aggressive about invoking their “Community Values” to keep people like me, and maybe YOU TOO, from getting our messages out there. Please join Justice News Network. We are working hard to make sure YOUR voice will not be silenced, and your messages of truth can be seen and shared.

Do you recall the instance of the Hillary Clinton operatives who posted Kiddie Porn to the major and largest Bernie Sanders Groups last April and got them taken down right before the Min-Super-Tuesday primary vote?  Turns out David Brock denied any association for those “Rogue Hillary Supporters”  but it sure LOOKED like they were part of his crew of the Hillary Financed, Million Dollar online pirates and trolls.


THEN there have been so many reports of people being in “Facebook Jail”, a user term for being suspended from posting to groups for either 1. Violating Community Standards (which it turns out is WHATEVER Facebook says it is at any given time)  and/or 2. Posting too much information too fast to groups and individual pages as well.   They never tell you why exactly just that you are “benched”!  I gotta tell ya when you get a hundred or more Facebook FRIEND requests in a day, AND you choose to visit each one to be sure you WANT to have them as a friend, AND you post a friendship message to each of them,  THAT is a lot of work people.  And then when Facebook throws up another Facebook Jail step, like the block of choose all the photos that show a tiger in a group of 12 images, to be sure you are a human, it makes accepting friend requests that much more challenging, shall we say!  AND THEN there are the missing posts that Facebook “Vanishes” or BLOCKS they put in the way of all kinds of content and postings that once you are on their list these blocks can pop up at any time, and seem to more and more frequently if you were a Bernie Sanders power poster and vocal supporter.

JeffDayBlock1   B-Ativists-Block8-4-16A

The examples shown above were generated when I attempted to comment and share a story about Cliff Arnebeck, the LEADING Ohio Based Election fraud expert and attorney.  WHAM! I could not post to this thread….


In THIS case the content was NOT taken down by the poster as I was directed to the post my the guy that had just put it up…. 


OR if you are a news organization that FACEBOOK chooses to censor, like Wiki Leaks or Justice News Network, they have ways to do that too.  See THIS story

Here is HOW Facebook blocks news links By Larry Alger

A lead-breaking story in the NY Post heavily confirms some of my reporting in my Facebook stories. Click the link to the NY Post story.

Here are other segments of the Facebook Saga I have been dealing with for some months now….  It all started after I shot video of Bernie Sanders votes on ballots that were whited out in San Diego.    

I am not alone.  See this video of EXACTLY what my Blocked out of Facebook by “MALWARE” experience was.

Here is one of the stories I wrote about being blocked…

OMG Big Brother IS Watching US And He Is Facebook By Larry Alger 7-20-16

Another segment I posted about the Saga Click the Link for the story…

Here is the blog of Jack Yan in France who was “MALWARE” blocked and he download the FB recommended “SOLUTION”  Like many of those who have posted to his blog it did not go well for Jack.  Click the link to visit Jack’s Blog…    http://jackyan.com/blog/2016/01/when-facebook-forces-you-to-download-their-anti-malware-your-own-antivirus-gets-knocked-out/

Here is the last segment, so far, I have written about the Facebook issues.  This story is different it contains a video by a woman in Chicago that claims the Facebook support people she contacted in India (who had her download one of the SAME programs they tried to get me to install on MY system) damaged her network and stole her information and more!

WorldWide Scam on Facebook! Woman Cleaned Out Will YOU be Next?

At the time of publication we have called Facebook TWICE at 650-543-4800 (they do not answer it with a real person just voice mail) to talk to someone from their press relations and NO ONE has returned our call!  Come on Facebook WHAT is going on here?

Aug 30 – 16



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