There is an air of fascism about this country, a sense that the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so long embraced by the American people, are either on their way out the door, or are already long deceased. This does not sit well with many Americans, and it shouldn’t. However, there is something about the dreary cloud that appears to be moving its way over everyone’s heads that does not seem normal. It, for some reason, seems to be a familiar specter, one that many Americans have long been used to shacking up with. It is the reality that the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have not always been enjoyed by all Americans. It is the reality that in some form, fascism has always had a place in this nation.

So, why are there a great majority of Americans only now coming to realize that there is a storm brooding from which very few will be able to escape? How is it that only now, millions of more people are opening their eyes to the potential troubles that lie ahead of them? The answer to these questions is a simple one; however, it is one that the American media machine has worked long and hard to keep people from catching on to. It is the matter of racial equality. Non-whites have long felt the sting of the government’s boots on their backs. Non-whites have long been forced to live in a country that cares very little for their welfare, and non-whites have long been forced to make something out of nothing, living on starvation wages and working jobs that do little more than enforce in them a state of abject hopelessness.

Only now, have white people in this country come to the realization that everything that was promised to their parents and grandparents is on the verge of being taken from them. Only now, are they realizing that the comforts of life that they have grown accustomed to may soon be reserved only for those with bank accounts much denser than their own. As they see their children straddled by debt, as they see their retirement melting away, and as they see their once “glorious” future dissipating into nothingness, they are getting scared; and because of this fear, they have elected a monster, who is bringing a whole slew of corporate demons with him. In their efforts to save the last strands of their “American Dream,” they have unwittingly undone themselves.

In their efforts to hold on to the last vestiges of what was for many other Americans an unending “Draconian Nightmare,” the average white person in America has laid their hopes upon the shoulders of Donald Trump. They are hoping that he will be the one to bring back the America that they were raised on as children, the America that awarded the white man at the expense of other men. They want back the America where being white meant a life of relative ease, where there was always work, and where there was always someone else to comfortably blame for their troubles. It is much more likely, however, that these millions of whites that were hoping for some magical return to the “Once Ways,” will be drastically disappointed, as Donald Trump is not the man that they have been deluded in to thinking he is.

Donald Trump is not a common working man, and he is certainly not a self-made millionaire. He grew up a trust fund child, living off of daddy’s teat, and when it came time to go out and make his own way in the world, he was only able to do so because his daddy “loaned” him millions of dollars to get started. He does not “get” what the average white American is feeling right now. He does not care that they are feeling what is actually an artificial sense of betrayal. In fact, he came from the class of people who have helped to engineer that sense of betrayal. He comes from the wealthy capitalist class in this country whose sole goal in this world is to make as much money as they possibly can, and who will do so at the expense of whomever happens to be in their way. They have elected a man who will remove the blindfold from their eyes, exposing them to the reality that capitalism hates them just as much as it does everyone else; if not more, as corporate fascism has no friends.

Well, guess what white America? You are now in Donald Trump’s way. He needed you to get elected, for sure; but now, watch as he walks all over you, taking every last bit of pride from you that he can as he squeezes you for every penny you have left. Further, don’t get any bright ideas about trying to get him to hear you through some fancy protest campaign, where you ask him to keep his promises. If you do so, you will find yourselves just as quickly put in the dirt, as were African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, Women, members of the LGBTQ community, and many more that tried to do so long before you.

This is going to hurt your feelings, you are going to be angry, and you are going to want to lash out, but do not think for one single moment that things will be for you like they were for your parents and grandparents. Their normal targets were the people just mentioned above, but you do not have that option, for these people are not going to have it this time. If you do try and pull some of the old school racist bullshit you grew up on, you are going to find yourselves lodged between a rock and a hard place. On your right will be the “white” government that has betrayed you, waiting with charged batons, and on your left will be the rest of America, waiting to give you an old school street style ass whippin’.

Donald Trump is piling up behind him a long list of capitalist goons, whose sole purpose it will be to rob the departments that they head up silly. They are not going to be willing to take the time to hear you out. They will just beat you over the head and lock you up, like has been done to anyone else who has ever challenged the American government in the past. For your own sake, and for the sake of the American people, grow a conscience, even more, grow a brain, and look at what is happening around you. If you are willing to collect yourself and truly help the American people rid themselves of the Corporate Fascism that is taking over this country, you will find yourself among friends. Otherwise, get ready to learn, the hard way, what it is like to be on the wrong side of both a police baton and a lynch mob.

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