In the long run people, the Black Snake can not win. Will it withdraw peacefully, or will it require all out war to cut it up into pieces?

OK so I saw this comment on one of my reports of North Dakota Pipeline struggle…… How about a thousand or so guys showing up carrying .243.270.308, ya see those hills behind you? Bang. …….


My QUESTION to the Oil Companies is contained in this reply… Are you really INSANE enough to declare WAR on 99% of the worlds people over Frack-Gas, Coal and Tar-Sands Petro resources? MY REPLY….

It COULD come down to that… HOWEVER…. I foresee that AFTER the Pipeline Thugs, or National Guard and State Troopers kill a few folks, because THAT’S their natural instinct, what with the Militarization of police over the last several decades, it MAY turn to a war between Citizen Water Protectors, Planet Protectors, even Journalists and Presidential Candidates, with the entrenched interests of the fossil fuel Cabal. It occurs to me that inevitably someone will turn to the strategy of a few well placed sticks. This will be AFTER the pipe is laid, about say 80 to 90% and BEFORE ANY oil gets into the line. I imagine say 5 spots or so, out in the unguard-able middle of nowhere night sky, North Dakota  South Dakota and Iowa are you kidding?? (There is NO WAY a buried pipeline can be guarded every 100 feet or even every 1,000 feet  along a THOUSAND MILES of badlands prairies and farmlands, no way) .

Attacks against the Black Snake will come, most likely, with widely available, commercial high explosives, stolen of course, set up over a 500 mile stretch would BANKRUPT the stupid pipeline companies AND dissuade the banks from FUTURE INVESTMENT in such madness…. Especially after the 2nd or 3rd or however many times it takes explosions, because that is WAR after all, however many times it takes, and well before ANY oil flows…..

THIS is what happens NATURALLY after oil is introduced into the lines…


I pray NO ONE should make the horrible mistake of shooting ANYBODY when the objective is to JUST Kill the Black Snake poisoning our air we ALL breath and the water WE ALL DRINK, right? If those are not basic survival issues worthy of defense at any cost, I do not know what else is more important than air or water, do you? I’ll bet that is what it may come down to for the true GREEN CHANGES in the business models of energy distribution and use in our country.  So much of the rest of the CIVILIZED world is pursuing GREEN policy, Universal Health care, and FREE or even SUBSIDIZED higher education that the United States DOES look pretty INSANE  (See also Trump and Clinton as our Presidential options)   Only the insane would declare WAR on 99% of the people to cling to earning a living/fortune by destroying the planet bit by bit and cubic mile by cubic mile of glaciers. JA??? Mic-Drop BOOM!!!

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 Sept 15 -16