Minnesota Men Charged in $46 million Grain Fraud Scheme


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Two individuals (Anderson and Adam Clifford) from County Cottonwood were charged with defrauding vast wealth. Reportedly, both men made $46 million through a fraud grain scheme. In addition, the two allegedly conspired to defraud millions of grain buyers by selling non-GMO grains falsely labeled as “organic.” Both men were charged with three counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy.

Court Documentation

According to court documents, Anderson and his wife Aimee started Bar Two Bar Ranch in Belle Fourche in 2005 as a cattle and hay business. They later launched a new set of companies known as Green Leaf Resources, which focused more on buying and selling grain. When Green Leaf was founded, Anderson put his sister-in-law and a college friend in charge of getting USDA certified as organic grain processors. The organic certifications served as a cover for Anderson’s actions in buying non-organic grain and selling it as organic. The two people were not named in the indictment and were not charged in the scheme. James Clayton Wolf, 65, a certified organic farmer, engaged in a conspiracy between 2014 and 2021 to defraud grain buyers by selling them non-GMO grains that were falsely labeled as organic. The expenses allege that as a part of his scheme, Wolf also grew conventionally grown plants the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, in violation of organic farming requirements, and furnished grain buyers with copies of his National Organics Program certificate but withheld that the grain was not organically grown.

For over six years, Anderson bought conventionally grown grain and fraudulently sold it as organic at a huge profit, amassing about $71 million in theft proceeds from 2012-2018, according to federal court documents. Anderson faced a 42-count indictment but ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to dedicate cord fraud and one matter of money laundering.

It supersedes the allegations that once Wolf’s natural farming certification changed into revoked in 2020, Adam Clifford Olson, forty-five, additionally an authorized honest farmer, helped Wolf promote non-GMO vegetation that was falsely labeled as organic. The court charged Wolf and Olson with one count of fraud and three counts of money laundering.

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