Write-in Bernie or Vote Jill/Gary; Why none of these will work


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Let me first set the record straight. The purpose of this article is to inform people about the system that’s rigged against third parties and write-in voting. Although YOU may know it already, there are many who still do not.

This article is not about telling you who to vote for. If anyone does tell you who to vote for, they must have a problem allowing people to have their own opinions and obviously don’t like the Democracy we all wish to restore. Again, this is not me telling anyone NOT to vote Green or NOT to write-in Bernie. OK? Vote Green if you want to, show the DNC that we hate HILLARY and will never vote for TRUMP! JUST DO IT!

I am personally 100% #StillBernieOrBust #NeverHillary #NeverTrump and #OurRevolution. The bust part of that means boycott for those who misunderstand what bust means there. I stand strong for the next 16-20 years for the slow and legal “infiltration” of government establishment seats in a revolutionary effort to ensure those seats are taken by persons aligned with Bernie’s policies for change. We cannot let corporations run this country in full disregard for human rights and the needs of the American people as a single unit.

We all sit here looking at options and apply pressure to each other, possibly ruining good connections that were established because of Bernie, to do “what you should be doing”. In most cases it is a push like peer pressure to vote for Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party. No one should ever tell anyone else who they should be voting for. That can be a cause of separation because it may feel like an attack against ones own opinion. We need to stop doing this. We are doing exactly what the establishment wants us to do: Fight each other into separate little groups and break up that really strong Bern Feeling Revolution against the system like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

Ralph Nader said something recently that backs up what I am about to say. He said,

“The two-party system suffocates independent challengers. I would know.”

The CPD and similar organizations are a bipartisan effort to eliminate 3rd parties and the Republican and Democratic Parties have become a cartel no longer offering a real choice.

Let Bernie, a genius we all know and love, tell you the next part.

This is why, even with a decent portion of Bernie supporters helping her right now, Jill has no chance and even struggles to conjure enough to get a debate. If you’ve watched Jill’s appearances on MSM, you’ll notice they don’t let her speak. They spend more time cutting her off to ask the next screwed up question to make her look bad, than allowing her to give a good answer. All of those people who sit in their homes and are accustomed to believing that the TV tells them the truth are going to see Jill Stein as a freak telling lies about how evil our government. She is up against decades of media conditioning. Those kinds of people didn’t even respect Bernie Sanders.


Write-in Bernie?
No way in hell. Bernie Sanders, or anyone else for that matter, has no chance of winning in November with this strategy. Here’s why:

Currently, 43 States allow write-ins for President of the United States. States not allowing write in ballots include; Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota. Most States require a candidate to register, however; Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, and Alabama do not require registration.

Thirty-five states require that a write-in candidate must submit some form of affidavit and, sometimes, a filing fee at least one month before the election. In North Carolina, these candidates must circulate a petition. Then their names are posted on a list at the polling place, though not on the official ballot. All other write-in votes are tossed.

So that’s 43 states representing 494 electoral votes. With regard to the electoral college, at least with some states, that is one of the reasons for prior registration; to provide a list of individuals willing to go to the college on your behalf. No President has ever been elected by write-in. In the last 100 years, write-in contenders have won at least seven U.S. congressional races, the latest in 2010; a Senator from Alaska Lisa Murkowski. Typically, write-in candidates have a very small chance of winning.


Write-in votes are a PITA (pain in the ass) more than anything but, polling places should be prepared for them. In states where voters fill in bubbles or complete arrows with a pencil, optical scanning machines are (supposed to be) pre-programmed to automatically “kick out” write-ins from the computer’s running tabulation. The machine then literally spits the write-in ballots into a pile on the floor. County representatives are responsible for sorting through the pile later. I could think of all kinds of things that would happen to them, judging by…

In addition to its use achieving desired electoral results for a particular party, gerrymandering may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, or class group, such as in U.S. federal voting district boundaries that produce a majority of constituents representative of African-American or other racial minorities, known as “majority-minority districts”. Gerrymandering is commonly used to protect incumbents.


Independent or Third party?
As above, the set up of the electoral college and gerrymandering of districts to sway the actual vote would make it impossible for a Third party to win. Bernie wanted to change this to open the doors for more discussion and weaken the establishment. Green Party’s in particular have a success rate of 0 world wide when it comes to their presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. but are rapidly growing in vote counts in recent years with an average age of under 40, which means we are 1-2 decades away of seeing the first Green Commander in Chief.

Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, our two Third Party choices for 2016
Dr. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, our two Third Party choices for 2016

If Dr. Stein or Gary Johnson actually won this year by some miracle, the very structure of the United States Congress with its separate House, Senate and complex web of committees, and committees that control other committees, handling a disparate array of topics presided over by elected officers would make it impossible for either of them to achieve any realistic change. Why? Because they are presently “owned” by Democrats and Republicans so when Dem’s and Rep’s walk out of the room, you will be able to hear a pin drop of support for anything they try to do.

THIS is the only reason why our genius brother Bernie DID NOT run Independent or join Jill’s Green Party. One thing should be very clear right now.

Until we get a major modern update to this election system, it will stay a Two Party system that’s sadly rigged against every other option. We have a very long road ahead, stay the course! #OurRevolution.


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