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I sit in AWE of their PEACEFUL righteousness. Yata Hey…. Blessings on all our native American brothers and sisters doing the work of JUSTICE fighting AGAINST the Black Snake Tribe on the Prairie. Visit and support these people however you can… They have a Paypal donation button right on the front page. Click it!!!   I did, you MUST too. Five Bucks, Three Bucks, whatever.  If Bernie taught us one thing that is when MILLIONS of people stand together there ARE AMAZING things we CAN do!

If I can afford to chip in $10 so can YOU!    Yata Hey…. May the Blessing of the Sky be with you… Kinda Like Feel The Bern Folks… Share your blessings with the Lakota of the Northern Plains. THEY  NEED and DESERVE all the help we can render against the Black Snake who is attempting to eat our world and leave us nothing but the fouled skies and poisoned waters!



Sept 17- 16