Yes I am Pissed off that our votes do not count, that Donald Trump is President, that Bernie was cheated and the Oligarchs Billionaires are in the drivers seat, Aren’t YOU?


Reality Byte:

So I shared THIS report around Facebook and inevitably got some Blow-back Fake News accusations and alike.  One Guy I used to know in Iowa, who was a Democratic state senator as I recall, a really smart guy who taught a champ Debate team at a local high school, like I said No Dummy, asked me this….

What do you want to happen, Larry? What is your step forward? Just a continuation of pointing fingers at the past? Where do we/you/I go to protect this country from Donald Trump.

I guess he was expecting some more weak-assed non specific bullshit like most people dump, but I wrote this on the fly to him.  What do YOU ALL think?

FIRST there is NO protecting the country from Donald Trump NOW. Clinton Obama and the DNC fucked it up real good and BROUGHT YOU ME and ALL OF US Donald Trump as President… That’s a fact watch the video!

It was not MY Fault… IN FACT GREG THAT IS THE EXACT POINT OF THE VIDEO THAT YOU DID NOT WATCH, Did you?   If you HAD, you would have NEVER asked me what I want. I want legit elections!!! 

What I DEMAND IS that every kid I wait in line with at the VA who is FUCKED for ever, that their sacrifices MEAN something Honorable!

I want their blood and pain to have been for REAL LEGIT Governance, that EVERY VOTE is counted correctly, for the People and By the People!  Do YOU EVER See that kind of thing in YOUR LIFE Greg? I suspect NOT!  EVEN Just a few the PEOPLE who have been USED as Cannon Fodder for Bush Cheney Exxon BP Obama Blankfein Clinton Cabal the Oligarch rulers and the rest?   I ask again, Do you ever really SEE THAT SHIT in YOUR life Greg?

I DO, YES I Do and it BREAKS MY FUCKING HEART EVERY TIME… Yea I must be a pussy because sometimes I shed tears on the way home, alone in my truck, after meeting a new burn victim or double amputee at chow or waiting in line. ….. Do YOU EVER SEE THAT that as well? Or are you just a God Damn poser? I WANT our fucking Rigged and Fixed elections to be Legit!!  Do YOU??  Do you really CARE??? Do YOU Understand THAT????

I DEMAND the investigations into the 2016 STOLEN Primary be transparent and truthful.  Too Much to ask, Greg? AND I demand those actions RESULT IN the traitors who did that to you Bernie me as well as millions of others, and got TRUMP ELECTED in the process, swing for it!!! WHAT DO I WANT?? REALLY YOU GOTTA ASK THAT? WATCH THE CUT BELOW AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS Greg…

I fucking want YOU and Millions of other Americans to get off their dead TV watching asses, Greg Stevens, and get into the streets to PEACEFULLY CONFRONT the assholes who have stolen our elections, crushed our civil rights (See Amendments 1 and 4 and 14 for starters) and sold out American governance to the Biggest of Businesses here at home and around the world, while we still have time.  Ya know General Strikes… MILLIONS of people saying Enough is Enough….. I certainly HOPE so… 

… Otherwise some Ukrainian type shit may be coming down the pike, until the Cops and Soldiers wake up and refuse to shoot Grandma and Grandpa after they cut their SSI 35% and motivate THEM into the street. AND you KNOW there are about 800,000 sworn LEOS nationwide and about say 5 to 10 MILLION of the 22 million Combat Vets they’d be taking on if they Privatize the VA (YUGGE Mistake Trump Yugge).  That ain’t gonna work out to swift for the Oligarchs is it Greg? You think the cops are gonna side with their corrupt masters very long looking at shooting some groups of Recon Marines and Army Rangers or Navy Seals in the mix?  You think Soldiers will shoot THOSE GUYS?  The cops stopped the water cannon and rubber bullet shit in Cannonball ND pretty quick when THE Vets showed up didn’t they? NoDAPL expected 400 and got 4,000 combat vets to North Dakota, In Winter, to Live in Tents in December at down to 17 below. Before The Vets showed up it was EXACTLY like this:

And This:

I couldn’t do it Greg…  Not in a tent at 17 below and YOU KNOW I know what 17 below is.  Been there done that, right?

Say the words nice and slow Greg, say them three times… 5 to 10 MILLION combat Vets, and Far too many veterans are homeless in America—between 130,000 and 200,000 on any given night. That is an equivalent force of 20 to 25% of LEOs alone.  Say it Three times….. 

GOT THAT? Refute ANY of THAT truth Greg… Do YOU UNDERSTAND NOW that I really KNOW what I am talking about?  Because I LIVE it! I SEE what you don’t I see the poverty as the elite squeeze the people harder and harder that live here in Mi Barrio.  I am witness to results of the stolen elections, the insider corruption that costs military LIVES and has shattered so many others that the people like you never see.  Life during wartime Greg. 

And whether you recognize it or not, that time is now, here at home in the good old USA. The battle grounds are every polling place, precinct, county ROV, state house crooked voting machine and bogus caucus coin-flip.  AND people NEED to take the battle to every god damn cheating asshole who bribes any public servant to get advantage in sucking on the government tit and getting their insiders elected to office.   After all OMG Trump!  Right? 

And PLEASE Greg do not even TRY to refute that THIS is the way it goes down. YOU were an elected state rep once, right? That IS right.  Wow it just occurs, maybe YOU WERE and ARE part of the problem and not the solution, now fucking with Patriots like ME who KNOW the score.  I do not know who is straight up and who has a connection to corruption.  So WHOSE SIDE are YOU really on Greg Stevens? The crooked DNC/DLC and the traitorous Clinton Cabal or the People?  That is a legitimate question these days, know what I mean? Remember Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas? That shit will NEVER happen to me or the attorneys I am working with to mount resistance. 

   IF YOU DO KNOW about the shattered lives and the dead, and the institutional insider corruption of KBR and the waste and fraud of Halliburton and GD and UT and LM and you are STILL not willing to take it to the street, THAT makes YOU and your kind complicit in their treasons, and thus the enemy.  That is FACT!

And that TREASON makes me cry and scream and yell and Say FUCK a lot! And I submit if YOU do NOT do those things like I do, over the loss of our Democracy, YOU and anyone LIKE you are NOT Patriots and you are certainly NOT on MY side… You better think about that shit Greg because that Tree of Liberty is calling…. An I intend to guide as many of the tyrants, their stupid-assed Hessions, and collaborators  to it as I can before I go down, if it comes to that.

America is depending on it.  YOU are depending on it, and I suspect you do not even KNOW it.  If you did not watch this video up top, you better watch it here.
Debbie KNOWS, Debbie Understands Listen to Debbie Be Like Debbie!

And Hey Greg, what else do I do?  I get my No TV Watching ass out in the streets to find the progressive candidates that need help and I help them.  Beside all the screaming and yelling I do on the internet, THIS is what else I do.  Stuff like this. Are YOU doing THIS kind stuff? And Why Not?  Got Video? I do!  Like over 300 videos over since Bernie declared.

Bonus for all you DNC loyalists you may have not this seen before.  In any event YOU should see this one too.  It is Interesting as Senator Obama and Senator Clinton were on stage in DC addressing the Dem Black Caucus in 2005.  Do yourself a favor listen to Belafonte, OK??  You are welcome…

The title speaks for itself. Watch the video and read the editorial please. Bazzinga!

Every American NEEDS to see this video from 2005 with Harry Belafonte

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1-1-17 Greg I DO spend some time working for Truth and Justice here at JNN

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