YES Vets Stand with standing rock because it is the FIGHT for our rights!


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Veterans from all around our Nation are forming up and heading to Standing Rock to stand up for the Native Americans and all the others standing firm for the RIGHT to live your live as the way you see fit and NOT be bullied my Big Money interests that can literally BUY a BIG chunk of Government to move things their way. So watch the videos as these Vets explain how THEY see it.   Always remember there are many reasons why THIS was the FIRST Amendment in the Bill of Rights.


Please see other JNN reporting for specifics about Front-Line confrontations, the politics of evil and why we should be moving behold oil and not build new infrastructure for fossil fuels.  Thank You -ED JNN

The USA is NOT OK People.


Michael Wood Baltimore Warrior and Equal Rights Advocate

Kash Johnson has been there too and Understands


Kash has a powerful, personal moment with a dash of profanity

John Bolenbaugh on Oil Spills and a corrupt industry

Larry Alger, JNN Publisher  Calls it as he see it in favor of Standing Rock