You KNOW the government screws US when our votes are counted RIGHT?


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3-1-19   American Self Determination is is the toilet people. When some half baked fool (named Mark Harris) can hire some street hustling scum to recruit door knockers to talk poor residents into applying for absentee ballots, returning and collecting them and delivering them to the treasonous scum-lord (named Mark Harris) so he can cheat in an election for the 9th congressional district in North Carolina, US elections everywhere are in the toilet. And the reality is that Scum-Lord would have gone to DC but his son John Harris, an assistant U.S. attorney, reportedly confronted his dad about the cheating.  Pretty WILD  Eh?

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When it is THAT easy to rig an election, the shit has already hit the fan people.

Here is my FRIEND Greg Greg knows more than YOU or I do about elections Listen to Greg It’s Greg Palast people. He explains in 6 Minutes the Rigged Election process from 2016. Study this. Don’t be a Negligent Citizen And Bernie? WHY Are you still all Russia Russia Russia?? Really??

 Excerpt from NY Times article 9-26-18:  The ballot box is the foundation of any democracy. It’s not too grand to say that if there’s a failure in the ballot box, then democracy fails. If the people don’t have confidence in the outcome of an election, then it becomes difficult for them to accept the policies and actions that pour forth from it. And in the United States, it’s safe to say, though few may utter it publicly, that the ballot box has failed many times and is poised to fail again.   There are roughly 350,000 voting machines in use in the country today, all of which fall into one of two categories: optical-scan machines or direct-recording electronic machines. Each of them suffers from significant security problems.

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Meanwhile in Washington State a small group of dedicated patriotic Federal Candidates from the 2018 election cycle have formed a coalition to recount votes and bring transparency to the process, and the state is freaking out. They are trying to stop the Revive Washington Coalition, because on the Merits, their cases are winners.

Yes the court actions demand that the Secretary of State bring election practices into complacence with the mandates of the State Constitution. Seems Reasonable doesn’t it? Please make the elections conform to the Washington Constitution?
Attorney Scott Stafne explains:

Dave Strider Plaintiff explains outcome of 1-31-19 court action:

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