DO NOT let the rigged election processes and powers that be put out YOUR Bern people. The movement is alive and well and evolving into the next phase of breaking the legs of the Oligarchs that have been kicking our asses and threw us overboard 30 freaking years ago! It is being germinated by some folks that took Bernie from Fringe to Winner. Yes he won, we all know it, but the Establishment and their Media colluded to suppress our votes and keep us out of the polls, steal our votes when we voted, broadcast vile lies and misinformation at every turn and screwed us in every way they could imagine, Right?


Congress is broken.

80% of Americans agree. Its decisions are driven by a handful of wealthy individuals, it is incapable of working together to enact real change, and see what John Oliver says about its members spend too much time dialing for dollars.

We need an honest, accountable Congress, but trying to win each congressional seat one-by-one is impossible. So let’s replace Congress all at once. Our plan is to recruit and run 400+ candidates as a single, unified campaign with a single plan. By giving the people an option for big, tangible change, we plan to whip up the same enthusiasm, volunteerism, voter turnout, and grassroots donations as Bernie’s presidential campaign. Let’s elect a Brand New Congress that works for the people.

So WE are fighting back. is coming to YOUR neighborhood because YOU are going to bring it there! Yes it is early, yes YOU MUST be in on the ground floor NOW! How do you do it and what are you going to do? Watch the videos Sign up at and FIGHT BACK NOW! In Solidarity!

BNC- Rachael Maddow May 19 5 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Stephen Metoyer

BNC-LA 6-13 Interviews 10 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Yolie G 5 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Nasiem Thompson 8 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Zack 1 story 11 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Zack 2 Q&A 14 min

BNC-LA 6-13 Rohan Jain 6 min

BNC 6-14 San Bernardino BNC Meeting 4min

Well here we are folks a FULL YEAR LATER…. We grew the grassroots… We built the movement…. We WON so many states that THEY committed TREASON and cheated US out of…. The message IS the same… DO NOT DESPAIR! DO NOT STAND DOWN!! RENEW YOUR FAITH IN OURSELVES!!! Watch This…